Field notes memo books


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  1. V says:

    I use these for work and photo logging – various formats – lined, graph, transit – and water resistant:

  2. CogCartoon says:

    Without seeing these up close or in-person, they seem to just be Molekine ‘Cahier’ notebooks, with some printing on them. Am I missing something?

  3. RacingChikin says:

    We used to use these little yellow waterproof field books when I did bathymetry studies in school. I was always fascinated with them for some reason.

  4. twopoint718 says:

    This may be seen as a bit of a tangent, but I couldn’t resist sharing this little bit of history.

    As a student job I work for the UWDC in Madison, WI. We are digitizing the papers and field journals of Aldo Leopold, an influential ecologist and environmentalist. The other day I was going through one of his old notebooks — for digitization purposes. The quality of the paper is just beautiful, even after all this time. There is a certain beauty to a carefully handwritten notebook.

  5. greenwindow says:

    Coupon code from here:

    “order four or more 3packs and use the coupon code ONEGRATIS between now and next thursday, march 20th, and they’ll pick up the cost of one of them.”

  6. crankyphotographer says:


    Rite in the Rain gets my vote, too. Moleskine’s branding is based on resurrecting a “lost” notebook form, while this is just a take on an authentic fieldbook style still very much in use by photographers, geologists, biologists, and birders….

  7. johnson says:

    I love you, Boing-Boing. But not as much as I love my Miquel-Rius notebooks:
    Believe me, I have spent years searching for the indestructible back-pocket notebook with graph paper. This is it. And apparently, it works with fountain pens, although we all know there’s nothing like a Uni-ball Gel Impact for keeping things smooth.

  8. goneferalinidaho says:

    Rite in the rain is waterproof, comes in lots of sizes and styles including spiral bound so you can fold it open for easier writing and costs less. I use them all the time, they are common in environmental work. The covers are a durable plastic that is flexible as well.

  9. Burst Labs says:

    We dig ‘em! Use ‘em every day in our recording studio.

    It’s always great to find others who are passionate about the little things, the teeny tiny details overlooked by the Made In China crowd.

    We did a little review (linked from the Field Notes site, too) :

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