House of bees

For more than two decades, a family in San Marino, California has been sharing their home with a bee colony living in the walls. Now though, the situation has gotten rather intense and they called in a bee expert. Apparently, honey is dripping from the living room walls and the bold bees have taken over a bedroom. From the San Gabriel Valley Tribune:
"The dining room smelled like honey. It felt like you were in a jar of honey," (Bee Specialist's Dustin) Mackey said...

Mackey said he encouraged the Stathatos' to remove the hive, which would require cutting down the walls. It's something the family is unprepared to do just yet, (homeowner Helen) Stathatos said.
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  1. The bees are probably helping heat the house. Beehives generate a lot of heat. I wonder if someone could calculate the heat output of that quantity of bees.

  2. I had the same problem at my old house in Southern California. We had a hive in the bathroom wall. The steam from the shower would cause the honey to seep through any cracks in the wall. This was especially common during the summer. We would joke about bottling and selling “Old Man Tim’s Wall Honey”. :)

    When I complained to my landlord about the bees, he came by with a shop vac one day while I was at work. He vacuumed up the bees, and put them in my neighbor’s trash can with a note on it saying “Danger Bees!” You can imagine how pleased my neighbor was to find their trashcan out on the street with like 5 days to trash day.

  3. @3: “Danger Bees!” That is classic. Hahaha.

    How is there a million bees in this house and 100 lbs of honey and no one thinks to document it with photography? What year is this?

  4. @ZUZU: That is exactly what I thought of!
    “We’ve hit the jackpot here! White gold, Texas tea!”

  5. I’m not sure what’s better. The classic landlord behavior in #3’s post, or the lack of comma in said landlord’s sign.

    Either way, that post made my day.

  6. #3’s story makes me want to go out and put a “Danger Bees!” sign on a random trash can in my neighborhood, just because.

  7. Maybe this is where all of our honeybees are going to, large warm houses. If I was a bee I’d prefer it.

  8. So two decades sharing their house with bees and nobody there’s an expert on the damn things?

  9. When I was about ten we had a bee swarm in our back garden one summer. They hung about the top of a fir tree we had then moved off slightly to its side and formed a dense ball of black buzzing bees. I still remember clearly standing beneath them feeling kind of scared and excited at the same time because it really was a truly weird thing to see. Eventually a couple tailed off towards our chimney. I don’t remember if they actually came back and some sort of bee dance ensued but at some point a decision was made and they all set off for our chimney and settled in. They must have gotten into the walls from there where their little heads strained hour after hour to get through the narrow gap in the metal vents that our bedroom had onto the wallspace. “Danger Bees” indeed. The next day the local council came at the request of my parents and gassed them all. I’m pretty sure we would have had to tape up those vents but maybe someone else did it or my mind had blanked that particular experience out.

  10. …Just what is the sanitation worker who finds a trashcan labeled “Danger Bees!” supposed to do?

    Best story ever. Should be a Boing Boing story in itself.

  11. Get stung? Living in the desert, we have lots of arcane rules about cactus disposal so as to avoid perforating the workers. Waste disposal is an industry where we should be spending our robot dollars.

  12. Yup. Non-english speaking people with bandannas tied across their faces pick up the trash cans, climb the side of the truck and dump the trash in. I can haz underclass?

  13. To use one of those doohickeys, you have to provide the appropriate containers and then buy the fancy truck. It might save money in the long run, but in the short run, Mexican labor is cheaper. And the doctrine of ‘short run cheaper’ drives most US industries.

  14. have anyone asked the scientists [and/or Mark Wahlberg in M. Night Shamallamayananana’s newest flick] if they’ve considered that `colony collapse disorder` is just the bees really diggin’ on the walls of these homes and taking a breather from the outside world?

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