Lamps made from sheep's stomachs: Ruminant Bloom

Artist Julia Lohmann created these beautiful grisly lamp sculptures, called Ruminant Bloom that turns stretched sheep's stomachs into lamps.

Ruminant Bloom are beautiful, blossom-like lamps that are made from preserved sheep stomachs, each with a unique structure.
Link (via Make)


  1. Neasneap #4: Yes. Most artists are crazy or at least different. But I would not want to live in a world without them.

    I really like this piece, but I feel a lot more comfortable if I imagine it made of nylon or paper. Anything but sheep.

    Oh well, a piece of art made me uncomfortable and made me think. Mission accomplished.

  2. Sure David but the sheep are going to get slaughtered anyway so we might as well not waste them. It is, I guess, one way to honor them.

  3. We had a camel bladder lamp in the 70s. They’ve probably been making them since antiquity. These are way cooler. They look like armadillos. And dare I say – ovigastric lucernifacture?

  4. The only picture on the linked website of one not lit up (or it’s lighter in the room than in the lamp) is pretty darn darn disgusting. I can only imagine what a member of the opposite sex would think the first time they saw your dwelling with a lump of flesh sitting on an end table.

  5. I think that’s actually the reticulum, the part
    of their digestive system that follows the rumen.

  6. I want one that has been preserved still supple, with a diaphram pump in the bottom so it slowly pulses the light level and THROBBBSSS…..

    you know what I mean???? get the ladies in the mood before you start stroking them with your ventral claspers….

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