Scientology strikes back at "Anonymous" via YouTube

Sean Bonner says,

Jason Carlin just sent me this link, it seems someone claiming to be involved with The Church of Scientology has identified what they think are a few Anonymous members and posted all their personal information online. I said before this was going to get more interesting before it went away and it seems to have just taken another step in that direction. I do think it’s noteworthy to point out that when trying to defend yourself against claims that you use fear and personal threats to silence your critics, using fear and personal threats to silence your critics might not be the best course of action when it comes to clearing your name.
Link to video presumably produced by the Church of Scientology. OH GREAT, a troll war between channers and Scientologists. Heat up the popcorn, it's gonna be a long night.

Best comment in the discussion thread for this post so far, by [se7a7n7]:

You might be safer poking a bear in the eye with a stick. The bear can't figure out where you live and work.

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  1. I went to the last protest in London and detailed how they tried to stalk me
    here complete with photo’s of my stalkers.

    I was photographed entering the tube on my out bound journey tube miles from the scientology centres long before the protests were started.

    I also went to Forbidden Planet (the only geek store to sell the V masks) in the break between the two protests (as they had spooked me and I wanted to hide my face) only to find that they had two people with SLRs in the store looking out for people wanting the masks.

    They went as far to follow me and my friend out of the store.

    Amazingly they fell for the old trick where we walked around a corner and waited for them. As they turned into the street they managed to photograph us photographing them and waving.

    It was funny but it was also sinister.

  2. That might be the new reason to believe in God – so you can get protection from Him, just in case the scientologists attack you.

    (Actually, that might very well be the reason to be in a religion back in the Middle Ages… Gang fights, terrorizing through some mysterious higher being.)

    Or you can side with the Church of Satan, to be more scary.

  3. I’ve never been on the COS before but it seems like these people have really gone too for.

    Plus, it doesn’t seem like these are the type of people you want to mess with.

    You might be safer poking a bear in the eye with a stick. The bear can’t figure out where you live and work.

  4. This is why are protesting the Cult of $cientology.

    Fear and Intimidation are not the standard practices of a church.

  5. I don’t think these kids really grasp how difficult Scientology can make life for someone they aren’t fond of.

    This is going to get very ugly.

  6. The background image on that YouTube page is hosted on The are undoubtedly capturing IP addresses in an effort to be more hated than MPAA & RIAA combined.

    They already filed an injunction against John Does 1-500 (who does that sound like?)

  7. A thought occurs. Perhaps, to truly create a level field in which one can hold the organization responsible, we should think about a mandatory restructure of their corporate shields. At the moment, it’s like suing fog.

    The organization was once monolithic, corporately speaking, but was split into hundreds of “independent” organisations when it lost a civil lawsuit awarding damages for kidnapping and imprisoning a man. Quite famous, but I digress. The lawsuit victor could no longer “find” Scientology in order to make it pay up, more or less, and additionally Scientology thusly made it impossible to sue “Scientology”. They act under so many Delaware, and other, corporate fronts that it is impossible to nail down their actions in most matters. They are immune to civil action, most criminal actions as well. There is no target. They are anonymous…

    Solution could be: court ordered restructuring, or even a law requiring restructuring, the many fronts into a single entity, with a list of actual officers to hold accountable for all actions. All the European fronts, all the Cayman Island bank accounts, ALL of it, back into one, single, sue-able monster. If they refuse —

    They refused to pay the kidnap victim for over twenty years, until he had sold his settlement off trying to climb out from under the mountain of legal papers they tossed to him in lieu of his money.

    They refused to pay income taxes for over forty YEARS even tho they were required to do so, and then walked away after tort torturing individual IRS officials with over 2000 simultaneous frivolous suits. A secret deal, special perks, and no penalties, and all the suits dropped.

    If they refuse, freeze their assets, their secret accounts, shutter their orgs, arrest the corporate lawyers which actually run the real organization. Shut them down until they comply, piece by piece. We had no problem doing this to “terrorist” charities and Middle Eastern taxi drivers. Let’s use Homeland Security to secure the homeland. Be an interesting battle, considering how many people they’ve planted in the IRS and the FBI, not to mention Bono’s office would leak the US’s moves to them. Would be entertaining, and after it’s done, we can finally sue them for their actions, put them in jail, and worst of all, take away their so-pretty stacks of money.

    Then, the moonies… Scientologists are unicorn lovers compared to those %^%&#@s. THAT is a cult.

  8. Scientology is dangerous and has nothing to do wih religion. Germany was right in banning them from their country.

  9. Man how embarrassing would it be to be outed by scientology as a guy who lives with his parents and goes by the internet tough guy handle “nigrajustice”.

    I can see it now on Fox news. “Are there 4chan in your neighborhood? 4chan is an internet hate group who love dickgirls and hate blacks. Some are calling for a 4chan registry.”

  10. Yup. The Anons are learning what we old timers knew ten years ago — use the net, they can see you. If they kinda know who you are, they hire PIs to follow you, track your phone, verify their theory. They have access to stuff that would surprise you. Now that we have HS, they just have to make a phone call and they have your phone records, medical records – REMEMBER that, HS gets copies of such if they want to, and it’s easy to get such just by making phone calls anyway –web browsing records, SS#, work, home, cell numbers, credit reports, arrest records… and that’s the easy part.

    They start in on your friends with the same deal. After all, they know who you call. And chat with, and email. If they don’t like you, they go after your family. Your friends. Business partners, customers, bosses. They keep coming until you are broken, and they WANT people to know they did it. They are proud of it, and absolutely nothing will happen to them for doing all of that. They are anonymous, they are corporate, and they never, ever go to jail, or even get charged. It’s a message to anyone else who wants to try it. The Anons are in a world of shit right now.

  11. I dunno, bears are scary. If they did figure out where somebody lived and worked, we wouldn’t know because they already ate’m.

  12. Fox already labeled the 4chan terrorist bombers. As you probably know. Wonder how many Scienos work at Fox News?

  13. Catbeller @ 11 — Am I the only one who remembers Anonymous’s campaign against feminist bloggers? All of what you mentioned was done. By Anonymous. I think they’re well on top of it.

  14. They sure made it sound like Anonymous was an evil organization, until the end of the video, when they tell us they’ve received 8,139 calls and 3.6 million e-mails from Anonymous members, which include 22 bomb threats and 8 death threats.

    If my math is correct, that means that slightly fewer than 0.0001% of the communications they have received from “Anonymous” have included bomb threats or death threats.

    I don’t condone threats, certainly, but I have to wonder what the odds are of any random person getting threatened a few times in 3,608,139 phone calls and e-mails.

  15. One more thing:

    Kinda goes back to that article last week about how Sterling’s panoptikon society wouldn’t work to an average person’s advantage due to relative power levels. Yep, we can tell everyone about their secret sauce and Xenu, talk about the deaths, but in the end, they can hurt you in endless ways through use of the super-panoptikon, and you cannot even identify them to begin to strike back. Panoptikon my fuzzy butt. Police states protect the police, not you. And Sc. in this case is pretty much the “police”. Police states are soo safe, until the police stop liking you.

  16. Anonymous is really not equal to 4chan. Anti-scientology is a lot older than the new crop acting as Anon. It goes back to Campbell and A.E. Van Vogt leaving the corrupt ship, and L. Sprague de Camp’s harrassment after criticizing them in ’58. Sc. is a colossal turd left by the Fifties SF community, and we old SF types feel kind of responsible for it, seeing as no one else will take them on. They are embarrassing. And nope, don’t even read 4chan, don’t care much. Point taken, for me: won’t mention 4chan.

  17. I think whats interesting about this, is that to date Scientology has always sued people to shut them up.

    There strategy is “Always attack never defend”.

    Now with the internet that strategy is faltering. If you sue and attack one person, he’ll go to the web and create a huge PR backwash that spreads his message faster than ever.

    So they are adapting and taking their criticism to the internet first.

    It will be interesting to see what happens next. Especially as apparently the theme of this protest is cake. They’ll be giving cake out to passers-by to celebrate L Rons birthday. They won’t look that evil then.

  18. Someone needs to laser graffiti their building in downtown Clearwater, Florida. :D

    I miss the days when if someone was hassling you, you simply could kick the crap out of them. If they were bigger…use a brick.

    Of course those days ended when the ‘net became popular and people stopped doing things like..going outside. Hard to beat people up with twig arms and giant arses holding you back.

    We need to rally the homeless against them, thats what I think. A perfect army of unknown, untraceable minions who will work for food, don’t have lives for Scienta’s to exploit or make public “John Doe Lives Behind A Dumpster behind Dennys on Main St!”, and whom have been ousted from the parks by Scienta controlled city boards anyways.

  19. I’m not the world’s biggest fan of Anon, but it’s not fair to say that they had a campaign against feminist bloggers. They had a campaign against a woman who publicly posted that she wished her teenage sons dead- she felt that, because they were male, they would inevitably grow up to be violent rapists. Her posse defended those views, and got a ragging for it.

  20. that was a really well-made, un-ambiguous video they put up on youtube. i used to think they were bullying scam artists, but i think it’s now evident that they’re the victims here. i mean, did you hear that eery music? and those numbers floating around?

  21. First thing the governments should do – require tax-exempt organizations, such as religious groups, to publicly reveal their entire financial situation, from the bottom up.

    And I mean put them up on a website in a nice clear, easily-read format.

  22. And still Anonymous isn’t a group. It doesn’t have membership. The Anon that once made a bomb thread was caught by other Anons calling the police.

    Anonymous is a joke organisation that got taken seriously. To self whore my blog again (sorry!) I wrote about anonymous here.

  23. You know, guys, I remember a time about two years ago when I sent you a link to a story about Scientology on the Web. At that time, one of you (either Mark or Cory, I forget) said that while it was interesting, you were reluctant to profile Scientology on Boing Boing because the organization was known to retaliate against Web sites that featured it.

    Times certainly have changed, haven’t they? :)

    I’m speaking as one of the old-timers, of course, who’s been watching and taking part in the Scientology wars since the ancient days of 1994. Anonymous’ new war against the organization has provided me with a great deal of entertainment and inspiration…and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t envious.

  24. It looks like their account has been suspended. Which is weird – I can watch the videos, but I can’t view the profile.

  25. The YouTube video is timed to intimidate people in advance of the global L. Ron Hubbard birthday party tomorrow.

    Bit late, I imagine. Amateurish, too. A pile of white powder and purported bomb threats by some digitally altered voices. If the anthrax mailout were real, Scientology would be spamming the country’s news bureaus with the result, especially if there were arrests. YouTube isn’t exacly the court of public opinion.

    On the other side are reams of court documents on what Scientology get up to.

    As for Scientology exposing those three or four people, how do we know these people match the handles, or even exist? If they really wanted to impress, they could show videos instead of stills, but the guys who did that would be letting themselves in for a lot of trouble.

    If those people are targeted, Anonymous have promised to look out for them. Let’s see if they deliver.

  26. all neither here nor there. Continue to speak out against $cientology. Give them nothing. Never stop raising your hand against them. Boycott any with them.

  27. I sometimes fall for their “hate crime” logic: to oppose them (because they are, after all a “religion”) is a form of hate crime or discrimination. But then I think “Well, Aum Shinrikyo is a religion too, I guess we should all welcome their sarin gas attacks, and what about The People’s Temple?”

    Perhaps we should start describing their “Always attack, never defend” strategy as “Scientologist Jihad.”

    I think the only thing that will bring Scientology down is when the underlings in the “church” realize they aren’t being helped, that they are subsidizing the success of higher ups, that higher level church members were given automatic enlightenment simply because they were movie stars (really– did Tom Cruise or John Travolta take all the courses that I would have to endure to get to their level?) and are being used to sucker more paying victims into filling the church’s coffers, including people who will go bankrupt trying to pay for all the courses they will need to achieve “Operating Thetan” level (and probably never attain that magical, mythical level of “enlightenment” anyway).

    When Jack traded the family cow for some “magic beans” he at least got some beans. What did YOU trade the family cow for, and what exactly have you gotten in return? Was it anything like what they promised?

  28. For once, I agree with Takuan: Continue to speak out against them. Give them nothing. Never stop raising your hand against them. Boycott them whenever possible.

    The line must be drawn /HEYAH/. /This/ Far! No Farther!

  29. Once? ONCE!!? What the deuce is wrong with you man!
    How am I supposed to raise an army of mindless followers on “once”!?

  30. And now the account is suspended. Not really that interesting. Basically the video was just a list of the different “threats and harrasments” the “church” has received. The power of Anon is that it really does function more or less in the same capacity as a terrorist group, it is headless and comprised of individuals or small groups acting under the same banner. That is also its weakness.

    I don’t know if that video was intended to be a threat to Anon, but CoS is going to have a tough time dismantling a group that doesn’t actually exist as a group. I won’t be surprised either way if anything does or does not take place tomorrow.

    The real question everyone should be asking is if that video wasn’t posted today to provoke Anon. It may not have actually been created by CoS, and I’d be surprised if it were. However, that would be just the sort of thing to cause Anon to “take action”. There would have already been a backlash tomorrow, but this just amplified it.

  31. Scientology like most other cults have an atmosphere that ‘We Are Right’ & ‘Everyone Is Really Out To Get Us’ (in this case the latter isn’t 100% spot on but getting closer and closer everyday). The Anonymous protests are feeding it and helping reinforce their isolationist worldview. Anonymous shouldn’t stop however, but Scientologists don’t believe in the idea that there is a respectable way to handle this situation, there is only elimination of the enemy, by any means possible. It has been mentioned in many Office of Special Affairs (OSA of the organization ‘Church of Scientology’) documents that they will litigate people into the ground, they will spread vague undocumented and unprovable claims about someone, harass, and ultimately work an enemy to the point of being mentally broken, and unwilling and totally unable to fight back ever… and with L Ron Willing, commit suicide and be done with. They do not stop at whats illegal, they do not stop at whats immoral, they simply do not stop. As many Anons say regarding these actions… “This Is Why We Fight”.

  32. As Frodo said to Sam after watching two orcs quarrel, when they realize we’re watching they’ll forget their differences and come after us.

  33. @18: “It will be interesting to see what happens next. Especially as apparently the theme of this protest is cake. They’ll be giving cake out to passers-by to celebrate L Rons birthday. They won’t look that evil then.”

    the cake is a lie.

    Yeah, sorry it had to be said.

  34. One thing that hasn’t been mentioned is that it’s just as likely for Anon to make a fake account to have others attack people as it would be for Scientology to make an account to attack Anon. Just another way to outsource yet another -chan raid.

    Second, do the people not know the motto? Attacking Anonymous is like p-ssing in an ocean of p-ss.

  35. “Fox already labeled the 4chan terrorist bombers. As you probably know. Wonder how many Scienos work at Fox News?

    Ever heard of Greta Van Susteren?

  36. I think Youtube suspended the account with the video and the personal information as a TOS violation.

  37. Hey – I’m Anonymous too! We are all Anonymouses! (Anonymice?)
    How do I get MY video posted on their website?

  38. I just saw on blogger’s front page a neato scientology book from the 70’s. The photos in “Preface B” are a hoot, though filefactory links can be slow. Natch. Here

  39. catbeller, they (COS) has been charged and some of the top people in the church went to jail.

    If you would like to see how they will go after someone here you go:

    “208 scanned pages relating to the Church of Scientology’s former “Office of Special Affairs” employee and subsequent apostate Frank Oliver. The documents are dated between 1986 and 1992 (inclusive), when, according to the file, Frank Oliver was declared a “suppressive person” and ex-communicated. Fank Oliver should be able to verify the material and has appeared in the media before on subjects relating to the church. Starting on page 107, the document shows that at the time of writing the Church of Scientology was actively engaged in black propaganda (especially concerning psychiatry), “fair game” and infiltration.”

    The whole pdf, very chilling, is available for dload here

    There are others on the site so have fun.

  40. It might be fun if people used this personal info to mail $5 each to the people outed by Scientology. Something tells me this would stop pretty quickly.

  41. Skeptobot: Those guys looked suspiciously like terrorists. I’d warn the police, just to be sure.

  42. Has anybody else noticed that tomorrow’s featured Wikipedia entry is of South Park’s “Trapped in the Closet” episode, one that is highly critical of Scientology, and was the reason behind devout Scientologist Isaac Hayes’ (voice of “Chef”) leaving the show?

  43. catbeller:

    … Yup. The Anons are learning what we old timers knew ten years ago — use the net, they can see you. …

    So, you were using TOR, etc. “10 years ago” to hide your online identity like Anon does now? Yet, CoS still found ya? While TOR, etc. isn’t completely impregnable, I still find your assertion of “… use the net, they can see you …” a bit nefarious when you apply it to most modern day Anon. I’m not saying that it isn’t possible to get ahold of some of them (because it certainly is, LOL)… but, your statements seem a bit out of bounds with current realities.


    &#9658 BTW !! Has anyone considered this video… oh, just might be…. a false flag operation set up by Anon??? Could it be??? A TARP? Har! Har!

    Welp, either way…. I’m rooting for them both to destroy each other.

    Folks, we have such bigger problems in this World…. I don’t understand all this energy and media attention on CoS lately… BTW, a bunch of soldiers and brown people died in Iraq this week… but, ah… I guess this CoS/Anon bullshit is very “serious”, huh? Priorities out the window….

  44. Cowicide:

    Who are you are exactly to question anyone’s priorities? Is this a site dedicated to dispensing war news? No. It’s a directory of subjects for particular tastes. If you want to have a serious lamentations on the state of our world, surf on to your favorite think tank, and let those neurons fly.

    This site is called Boing Boing. Think about it.

  45. Tell me again why I’m supposed to care about a battle between script kiddies and annoying celebrities that believe in weird alien conspiracies?

  46. 4chan’s memepool says scientology has posted another video, this one claiming that anonymous has declared war on gang’s, hypothetically to cause gang violence against today’s – Ron L. Hubbard’s – birthday protests.

  47. For those that want to know the truth about $cientology, I recommend googling “Operation Clambake” and “Xenu”. You can find a complete and frightening history of this group, from it’s beginnings in the late 40’s/early 50″s when L Ron Hubbard uttered the infamous phrase – “Writing for a penny a word is ridiculous. If a man really wants to make a million dollars, the best way would be to start his own religion”.

    He proceeded to do just that and in doing so created the space alien religion known as “Scientology”. explains it all, with documentation and links to many other sites.

    Hubbard was truly psychotic. I,too have been studying this malevolent “Religion” for over 10 years now and I can truly say that I wouldn’t let my worst enemy go within a mile of it [the Church].

    Don’t believe me, though. Go read for yourself.

    They’re just plain dangerous.

  48. Has anyone yet pointed out that on YouTube you can FLAG items for reasons like Being Hateful and Bullying? Don’t the Scientology postings qualify as “Bullying”? Couldn’t lots and lots of people visit YouTube and flag them?

  49. Like it or not, 4chan is responsible for about 40% of the internet slang/memes that exist. Lolcats? Yeah, that’s them. Rickrolling? Them. I could go on and on.

  50. oh, I used TOR. I enabled when accessing Scientology’s web page to figure out protest places, It’s amazing how slow a 10mbit connection gets when accessing their web pages through tor.

  51. When unscrupulous groups ‘expose’ their target, to the general public, they tend (fortunately) to generate vast ammounts of sympathy for the ‘exposed.’

    Such attempts (used to justify a group’s own distastfull behaviour) should be (and usually are) viewed with distrust. I ask myself, ‘Why am I being told personal secrets, about an individual?’

    …No one likes a tell-tale.

  52. earthmann: Who are you are exactly to question anyone’s priorities?

    Who are YOU (exactly) to question me questioning anyone’s priorities, meestah? What gives YOU the right? Do YOU know who I AM? LOL

    earthmann: Is this a site dedicated to dispensing war news? No. It’s a directory of subjects for particular tastes.

    I’m not blaming the messenger, stinky.

    You missed my point, earthworm, I don’t blame Boing Boing for posting the info at all. I’m saying that there’s an awful lot of frivolous energy and angst spent by hipsters running around attacking CoS in various ways when, in the meantime, there are far more immediately dire and deadly issues literally piling up bodies around us as we speak that desperately need tending to (and aren’t).

    I find CoS (and any other cult like Christianity, etc.) to be overall silly and destructive… but, yes.. I also find some of the hipster priorities fucked up and counterproductive. Sorry you have a problem with that and don’t feel that I meet your unlisted qualifications for being able to harbor that opinion. But, I’ll survive somehow.

    earthmann: If you want to have a serious lamentations on the state of our world, surf on to your favorite think tank, and let those neurons fly.

    Maybe it is YOU that is the fish out of water here? Boing Boing IS a think tank. Probably just not dressed up conventionally enough for you to recognize it, maybe?

    Hmmm… on that note, you’d better avoid the recent Tibet stories here… and many udders here at Boing Boing for that matter. Then again, with a silly name like Boing Boing…

    earthmann: This site is called Boing Boing. Think about it.

    I base Boing Boing’s content on… (surprise!) its content; not its name. If you studied up on their past (and current) content; you’d realize how off you are here. WGAF what their name is?

    Anything goes on Boing Boing… from copyrighted dildos to genocide to genocide of copyrighted dildos… I fully understand (and unlike some people, appreciate) it. After all, that’s why you and I are both here, fewl. Get used to it. Har! Har!

    If I want to bitch about people paying attention to the CoS/Anon war while I post YouTube links to the CoS/Anon war, this is the perfect place to do it. LOL Get with the chaotic program. What I can’t believe is how you totally missed my blatant hypocrisy… you should be ashamed of yourself. All this wasted energy on Cow without noting teh obvious earlier, confusing hypocrisy of Cowl.

  53. Cowicide, calm down and be civil.

    First: Do you think Boing Boing would be covering more war news if it hadn’t run this story about Scientology? Do you think that because great evils exist, lesser evils disappear? It would make just as much sense for you to object to people concentrating on war and terrorism because we’re all mortal, and unless we come up with a cure for that, every one of us is doomed to die.

    Second: Scientology is an evil organization. It’s nothing like a church or a therapy. In churches, the higher-ups believe that what they’re preaching is true. In Scientology, only the suckers buying tickets at the gate believe it. The upper echelon doesn’t. In fact, they can’t. If L. Ron Hubbard’s teachings and the claims made about upper-level Scientology courses were true, by now they’d have generated a few minor superheroes at minimum.

    The outrageous prices they charge for their training and auditing sessions strip members of every cent they have in the world. Some members go to work for the organization at poverty wages in return for further training, because the promises made on behalf of that training are so extraordinary.

    I’ve met high-level Scientologists. There was nothing remarkable about them, aside from their greater-than-average cynicism and paranoia.

    Scientology has made the recruitment of celebrities into a major R&D program. The experience of being a celebrity scientologist is nothing like being one of the rank and file. They get all kinds of perks and services, and they don’t have to pay for it. Meanwhile, the organization’s rank and file employees are expected to labor tirelessly to make life pleasant for the celebs who get the organization so much publicity. (See JennyM’s comment, #34.)

    Scientology has a long, long history of doing everything they can to suppress information about their practices, and destroy anyone who criticizes them. Their own organization encourages them to lie, cheat, and abuse the legal system in pursuit of that goal. This thing on YouTube is just the latest episode in a long-running war.

    Naturally, Scientology’s many attempts to suppress unsanctioned online information about their doings has led to the creation of some highly informative websites about them. Start with Operation Clambake and go on from there.

    Takuan (33): Amen.

    JennyM (34), they’re not a religion; they’re a criminal conspiracy. They didn’t start out as a religion, and they only became one after the feds busted their original secular organization. They picked religion as their revised model because it has the most privileges and the least requirements in the areas where they’re active.

    Anonymoose (47), is filefactory the only place to get that material? If there’s another option, I’ll probably take it.

    Robin Hood (59), see my remarks to Cowicide.

    One last thought: Anyone want to bet that the Church of Scientology has cut a deal with Homeland Security? One of COS’s long-documented bad habits is saving confidential information, like the answers people give on those “free personality tests,” and the auditors’ notes from members’ private auditing sessions. They’ve got a great big database of personal information that they can swap for personal and organizational immunity to DHS pressure.

    If they have cut a deal, I’ll bet the COS gets more out of it than the DHS does. The latter would have been at a disadvantage during the negotiation phase, since most of them are, at most, amateur criminals.

  54. @Teresa: regarding your comment on COS collecting personal information, I received a phone call at my home phone number from someone claiming to be “Dianetics/Scientology”. I told them to please take my name off their list and never call my number again, but I confess, it made my stomach clench. Their methods are truly insidious, and they seem like the perfect partner in crime for DHS.

    Reminds me of the Stasi and their scent library.
    (xref: Athanius Kircher Society, April 5, 2007)

  55. You have to give it up to scientology for bringing science fiction to new cultish heights. The other religions have pretty much used up all the dungeons and dragons material.

  56. no, you don’t. Don’t use “science fiction” and “$cientology” in the same room , nevermind breath.

    What you have to give to $cientology is the back of your hand. At speed.

  57. Teresa N: Cowicide, calm down and be civil.

    k, now I’m super-calmer than I was already. ÃœberCalm, Inc.

    Teresa N: First: Do you think Boing Boing would be covering more war news if it hadn’t run this story about Scientology?

    Uh…. No.

    Please refer to 2nd post above around the part where I say, ” … I don’t blame Boing Boing for posting the info at all … “

    On the udder hand… I am very annoyed with the mainstream media (for reasons that should be obvious) and those hipsters out there that burst with outrage at any mention of CoS; but at the same time faced with our illegal war that’s killing hundreds of thousands of people right now…. just get glossy-eyed and mum like it’s not their current “angst fetish” or some shit. Our anti-war movement in the USA is pathetic and I will argue that various fucked up priorities (on many levels and on many sides) are at the root of this problem. Not once did I say I have a problem with Boing Boing…. no matter how many times you guys try to insert that into my argument. LOL

    Teresa N: Do you think that because great evils exist, lesser evils disappear?

    C’mon, now…… Uh, the answer is, Uh… NO, right? LOL …. that’s like me asking you:

    Do you think that every issue on the planet deserves the exact same priority?

    LOL, I wouldn’t ask you that question because it would insult your intelligence and it’s really just an attempt to try and frame the discussion against you with an erroneous, false flag supposition that can be drawn from such a question.

    Teresa N: It would make just as much sense for you to object to people concentrating on war and terrorism because we’re all mortal, and unless we come up with a cure for that, every one of us is doomed to die.

    Agreed, and wouldn’t it make just as much sense for a ship crew to focus tons of energy on painting a sinking ship they are aboard?

    Teresa N: Second: Scientology is an evil organization. It’s nothing like a church or a therapy.

    Uh, therapy? No.

    Like a church? We’ll just have to agree to disagree on that one.

    Teresa N: In churches, the higher-ups believe that what they’re preaching is true.

    We’ll certainly have to agree to disagree on that one as well.

    Teresa N: [CowEdit: removed rant about CoS being evil, in cahoots with DHS, etc.] …. Start with Operation Clambake and go on from there. …

    LOL…. Ya, THX for the CoS primer… but, I think I already got a pretty good grasp on the CoS. I’ll put it this way, I was a supporter of Operation Clambake over 10 years ago.

    That’s the problem with taking such a hardline stance with on this, you’ve apparently tried to paint me in the corner as some ignorant Cow who has no clue about CoS evils because I’m annoyed with some hipster’s (not ALL, mind you) lack of priorities. We’re pretty much on the same side here, put down the gun. LOL

  58. Cowicide, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: All of the anti-war sentiment in this country couldn’t get an anti-war candidate either of the major party nominations… getting the Co$ tax-exempt status revoked seems a bit more realistic.

    After all, the pro-war elements in this country, mainly hard-line christians of one flavour or another, hate Scientology. That should make an examination of Co$’s tax-exempt status politically palatable to people like Sen. Grassley and others.

    Frankly, I think the hipsters’ priorities are in the right place- change what you can.

  59. Anons hilarious parody of the “Anonymous exposed” vid.
    Nearly fell over laughing at anons “ultimate threat”

  60. #79 posted by UrinalPooper:

    Cowicide, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: All of the anti-war sentiment in this country couldn’t get an anti-war candidate either of the major party nominations…

    All the anti-war sentiment” in this country? LOL Sentiment is shit. Americans should be taking to the streets all over this country by the millions on this 5th year anniversary of the Iraq war. But, instead we get this…

    Via Associated Press Article:

    … Laurie Wolberton of Louisville, Ky., whose son just finished an Army tour of duty in Iraq …

    “We’re not paying attention anymore,” she said. “My son has buried his friends. He’s given eulogies, he’s had to go through things no one should have to go through, and over here they’ve forgotten. They just go shopping instead.”

    On previous anniversaries, tens of thousands of people marched through major U.S. cities, and more than 100,000 gathered on several occasions leading up to the invasion.

    Only a few hundred mustered for one of Wednesday’s largest gatherings, in Washington …

    I guess all the chilly weather made it “too uncomfortable” for Americans to stand up to murder and genocide in their name. Well, at least the “sentiment” is there, huh?

    Well then… the American people are going to get what we deserve. For one, a continued tax-exempt CoS (sorry, if you can’t be bothered to protest blatant genocide in your name…. you aren’t going to stop CoS evils either) and a worldwide backlash (which has already begun) for not “bothering” with enough widespread Iraq war protests to turn the heads of anyone… well, except maybe some of us who only turn our heads away in shame after the poor showings.

    The backlash won’t just be more terror from the extremists we’ve bred and the absolutely embarrassing civil rights we’ve lost at home (because that’s how cows get treated at home when they are too fucking weak, chicken, bored, etc. to do anything about it).

    It’s the moderate general worldwide public we should truly fear… they’ve lost faith in us, folks (not just our govt. anymore). The repercussions of this are far more damaging in scope than some American cows can seem to imagine. In a world that trusts, respects and loves America, how hard would it be to hide a nutcase like Bin Laden from us? Seriously…. this guy is STILL free and sending Europe threatening communiqués??

    Has it dawned on some of you that our reduced standing the world as a cowed, pathetic people who won’t be “bothered” to control our government even in the face of blatant genocide (in our name) could be (oh, perhaps) hurting our economy on a critical, global scale as well? Could it be the people of the world are losing faith in just more than our name at this point? Our ideals? Our way of life? Our morals? Our currency literally AND figuratively?

    American Anon’s CoS “war” will FAIL to accomplish anything but a momentary PR problem for CoS that only reaches maybe .005% of Americans (if you’re lucky). At the same time, I do admire the attempts to at least do “something” which is better than many udder Amerians can say.

    But, meanwhile, the genocide…. the American Third World War (the war on the third world) rages on in our names…. All our American names individually anonymous, but collectively known as the weak, cowered American public that has lost nearly all control of its own government through fear, distraction, pacification and (once again) a severe lack of priorities. Internet tough guys… indeed…

    There are many here among us
    Who feel that life is but a joke
    But you and I, we’ve been through that
    and this is not our fate
    So let us not talk falsely now
    The hour’s getting late

    Finally, to those Americans that ARE still fighting ( â–º you know who you are)… you have my deepest admiration, loyalty and love. (I also post that link in waning hope that just one of you hipsters out there isn’t “too cool” to at least take just one listen to just one of those soldiers in that video link and perhaps… just perhaps…. rethink your priorities and join the real fight of our lifetime)

    I’m not saying to completely abandon the struggle against the CoS, but please… if you’re not focusing that same amount of energy or more to stop the genocide going on in your name…. are you REALLY any better than the cowed followers of CoS??? Think about it.

  61. Once last thing to chew on, hipsters…. in case you question my term “genocide” up there…

    There’s been a “surge” all right:

    America’s war has now killed well over twice as many Iraqi civilians in 5 years…. than what Saddam Hussein’s regime killed in over 20 years time… total.

    Now go out there and shop your ass off before any of this reality sets in.

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