Sweded remake of Star Wars

This Sweded Star Wars remake features enthusiastic young people with KFC buckets on their heads reenacting key scenes from Episode 4: A New Hope while humming the theme music. Gold. Link, Link to production sketches (via IZ Reloaded)


  1. Nice Picture – Soooo … is that an X-Wing fighter you’re wearing or are you just glad to see me ?

  2. Could just be me but the tie fighter pilot, at around 00:56, looks like their wearing a top hat. May just be another chicken bucket but Id like to think it was a top hat.

  3. oh, it’s the special edition version — it has the ring around the exploding death star. : )

  4. This is really sad. 7 year olds making a kindergarten play could do better.

    /Somebody had to say it.

  5. Isn’t that a style choice? I thought that it was hilarious, especially the pieces falling off.

  6. Sweded has to be one of the more irritating terms. I really hope it doesn’t catch on. People have been remaking films for decades before “Be Kind Rewind.”


    Oh, come on. First of all, it seems an easy enough leap from “normal people remaking films” (which happens all the time already) to “sharing those films with others.”

    I haven’t seen Be Kind Rewind yet, but my understanding is that the protagonists are /forced/ to distribute the films to the one remaining patron of the store. The Amanda Show vid you provided shows some sort of quasi-Eastern European video outfit pawning their videos off as the real things at first and then finally declaring that theirs are superior.

    The similarity between BKR and the Amanda Show sketch seems to be nothing more than “video store rents out poorly-made knockoffs.”

    Indeed, in BKR, the renters enjoy the knockoffs a lot, while in the Amanda Show, the viewers are pretty pissed.

  8. Wow. Ok, well there are a bunch more ‘sweded’ films for you all to hate on at http:\\swededfilms.com\films.html. I personally get a kick out of them…

    They’re fun to make, and fun to watch.

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