High school project video uses SFW scenes from 1980s porn video

Canadian high schooler's Arman Noory's "The War on Terror" is a short film that includes safe-for-work scenes of a 1980s porn video.

Gradually the true nature of the porno begins to show as you go further into the film. For the record, for anybody curious, my teacher knew I had edited an early 80s porn for the video, though the students generally had no idea. It was a bit of a mindfuck for everybody. All voices are done by yours truly.

I chose to make a video for my culminating task for senior-year (Canadian) Politics class was regarding the war on terror and whether or not it's effective/justified. I wanted to incite a variety of emotions in the viewer while still being educational and entertaining - so I took a porno from '81, remixed it into an an American-perspective War on Terror Porno Musical where the main character goes into trances at the subject of discussion and, gradually, the true nature of the porno begins to rise (especially the ending).

My goal was to have a video in contrast to the one-dimensional views we are fed by the media on everything surrounding the war on terror, from the history of US intervention in the middle east to the economy and compromises to liberty, incite all forms of emotions from the viewer within the 15-minute timespan (sexy, funny, depressing) while still being entertaining and educational.



  1. This makes my HS video projects look like plop.

    I’d slap a “Citation Needed” sticker on a few of the bullet points, but all in all- bravo.

  2. Nicely done. Canadian High School students know more about our miserable government than America’s.

  3. This isn’t the country I was born in, is it?

    The rage I have against the Bush administration is amplified by this film. The story may be told in a cute and funny way, but there isn’t anything funny about it.

    The horror…the horror.

  4. Wait, so Sunni al-Q’aeda is hostile to the US because of blowback for the CIA helping to overthrew Mossadeq in Shi’ite Iran back in ’53? Or is it the fact that we “occupy” Saudi Arabia? I share this kid’s anti-war perspective, but I don’t know that his logical leaps, sweeping generalizations, and dubious statistics really help his cause much. I guess if people learn about the Mossadeq overthrow for the first time because they’re intrigued by the porn angle that might be a good thing . . .

  5. Hey guys, thanks for watching and enjoying my video. But let me provide come context here because there were some presuppositions here made critical about my video:

    1) ‘Costa Carbo’ lmao, this was unintentional. I have no knowledge of this film, my bad.. I’m only eighteen, and I don’t really watch movies.

    2) @JesseM Vietnam video: Yes, I have. I also submitted (and got to the videos front page when Video and Digg was seperated) my original which is that one – the vietnam video, which I did last year. Basically it’s the same porn with the same characters but different film, for history class on the war on vietnam. It was my first film project. And when, this year, I had to do the War on Terror for Politics class, I figured I’d pay homage to my first experiment with editing software both in regards to a war, and make a sequel but remix it up a bit.

    3) @Crunchbird No of course I don’t believe that, I didn’t cover the fact that all, this wasn’t our whole project. The culminating task was a group project where we pick a topic (of a list made by the teacher) and we have a period and a half (2 hours 45mins) to teach the class on the info, present both sides, and moderate a debate for the class. I was chosen to present the side of anti The War on Terror, and we split the work up and I covered Iranian intervention (as it’s relevant to current US foreign policy issues).

    4) @ANTINOUS, Nope, I know I quoted some capitalists in the video (just to make it more intriguing to the average western proletariat such as Ben Franklin [however, I quoted Eisenhower after what was said about him before the undressing scene to point out some fallacy in his logic, but I’m sure a lot took it their own way) but I’m actually vehemently anti-capitalist and align myself more with Marxist philosophy.

    Click the link to the vimeo page to see my plans for my next video:

    (Scroll down a bit)

  6. Arman: Thanks for the info! I was trying to decide whether it would be funnier if “Costa Carbo” was intentional or not; now I know! :)

  7. Yo ho ho number 10:

    Here’s the great big leap between installing the shah and 9/11:

    -> When Iran told proto-BP to take a hike, we gave Iran’s democratically elected government the boot and gave them the Shah

    -> The turned out to be a jerk who tortured “enemies of the state.”

    -> Torture fueled anti-Shah sentiment in Iran

    -> The Ayatollah rode this anti-Shah sentiment to power in ’79. The Iranian revolution was as anti-torture as it was pro-religion.

    -> America hates the Ayatollah … so we back Saddam Hussein.

    -> It turns out that Saddam gets too big for his britches, and we have to invade Iraq.

    -> After forcing Iraq out of Kuwait, the US leaves troops in Saudi Arabia, which is seen as an occupation of the holy land, which really pisses off Bin Laden (causing the former anti-Soviet US-backed “freedom fighter” to turn against the West), and begins to swell jihadi ranks.

    -> We all know what happens next.

    So there you have it: A Canadian who knows his history.

  8. I’d really like to see some political commentary from Canadians where they aren’t obsessively comparing themselves to Americans. Culturally, that’s one corrupt system when they talk more about the KKK than the New Empire Loyalists. Stop pointing fingers Canadians, it’s just freaking weird.

  9. @DCer:

    It is very much my business. The United States is a superpower living within a hundred miles of me and heavily influences the foreign, domestic and economic traits, trends and policies of Canada, has throttled the political freedom of my birth country. My grandmother worked for the US’ benevolent Iranian dictator – the Shah (as a French teacher for his family), and my step-grandfather a grandson of a previous persian king.

    As a citizen of the world, it’s absolutely vital I arm myself with the knowledge and awareness of these issues, and as a conscious-minded individual, it is my responsibility to discuss these with others, debate, and learn so that I can educate myself and others more effectively.

  10. I enjoyed your video, Arman. Just about all of the points you make I recall seeing cited in other publications, so it seems totally legit. And I laughed out loud with the “ooh”ing and “aah”ing you did for the woman’s voice. Nice touch. You must have a progressive teacher.

    I remember back in high school (only about a decade ago), I called myself a Marxist, but I never ended up reading Marx until my junior year in college. And it wasn’t until I read some interesting post-Marxist critiques of its economic determinism and standpoint epistemology (i.e., the proletariat as a class has a privileged perspective in understanding the world) a couple years ago that I finally gave up the label. Is “Marxist” as dirty a word in Canada as it is here in the States?

    I think there are good reasons to try to transcend the Marxist label (and to be fair, you did say you align yourself w/ Marxist philosophy, not that you yourself were a Marxist), but hey, you’re young and it’s a heck of a lot better than those kids who read a little *shudder* Ayn Rand and start calling themselves “objectivists”. A more appropriate epithet for most Randroids would be “selfish prick”.

    I don’t mean to compare you to those people directly, because you seem a lot more on the ball (and Rand unlike Marx is no philosopher, despite her unfortunate inclusion under that heading in most bookstores). I’m just being nostalgic for a more innocent time in my life…

  11. Thanks for viewing the video and I’m glad you enjoyed it :).

    Nah, I actively read literature by Marx, Lenin, Trotsky and others here and there critiquing Marxism, explaining dialectical materialism, black civil rights movement (and how this proletariat struggle relates to Marxism specifically) and what have you. Without writing a whole dissertation, my views in a nutshell are that I recognize the fallacies of this racist, decadent capitalist system that we see today and understand that this is what capitalism degenerates to, that imperalism is the highest stage of capitalism. That umemployment, racism, exploitation of the worker, class antagonisms, these are all byproducts of capitalism. And the only humane answer is to remove power from the bureaucrats and give it back to the people.

    I won’t do a debate here because it’d be terribly difficult in the way this is set-up. I kindly invite anybody that’s willing to debate me or any of us in the organization on these issues at the forums on our website: http://alwaysquestion.info

  12. Someone your age who cares about his world and what’s happening to it enough to craft this great film–there is hope. You have a wonderful bullshit detector and i hope you never lose it!

  13. I’d say he needs to get his BS detector realigned somewhat.

    Interesting notion, but I had to turn it off when he had his mouthpiece character say, “We occupied Saudi Arabia…”

    Er, no. And wrong in a way that told me where the rest of this was going.

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