Nudist typeface has pixellated "naughty bits"

Craig Oldham's "Nudist" typeface has its naughty bits pixellated (in other weights, the same spots are covered by tasteful figleaves or black CENSORED bars). Link (via Kottke)


  1. That’s amusing, but the censorship seems a bit arbitrary. I’d have blurred the other end of the ‘r’ and the saucy dots on the ‘i.’ They are called tittles, by the way. Sure it might adversely affect readability but that’s not the priority here.

  2. I’m wondering how this font is implemented; IIRC, both TrueType and PostScript Type 1 implemented fonts as monochromatic vector outlines. Does OpenType support multicoloured fonts these days? Is there a technology for creating high-resolution coloured bitmap fonts? Or is this “typeface” a series of images rather than an actual usable product?

  3. cute… I never would have thought that pixels are the building blocks of type.

    learn something new everyday…

  4. ACB@4:

    The link says that the font is unrealised, so it probably can’t be done in any font format so it would be bitmaps.

  5. Would consider this more of a “type treatment within a design” concept than purely a font since the topic application would be somewhat limited. Good ideas all the same. :)

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  7. hey shmengie, I’ve got black friends. One thing I’ve learned thru-out the years; don’t blame your fealings on someone else, it knida makes you seem like a lame-o.

  8. I don’t get it either. And by the way, I spent 20 years as a professional letterer; they’ll never be ‘fonts’ to me — they’re alphabets.

  9. Third post in a row on not getting it. I’m all for esoteric humor, but this is confusing. (I love type and typography and naked people, BTW.)

  10. Have you ever seen photographs of naked people where the naughtiest bits were digitally obscured by transforming the area into oversized blurry pixels? It’s like that.

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