BBtv - My Steampunk Papercraft Commodore 64 MMORPG Identity Crisis (animation by For Tax Reasons)

Remember IM IN UR MANGER / KILLIN UR SAVIOR"? That was the genius work of internet animation funnymakers Matt Burnett and Ben Levin, aka For Tax Reasons. Today, they offer an all-new, all-awesome animated short as an exclusive for Boing Boing tv viewers, and by that, we mean YOU. Includes Steampunk, LARP armor, papercraft, Commodore 64s, MMORPGs, Final Fantasy, suicide cults, and meditations on bad UI -- some of the many things that make Boing Boing great.

In part two of today's episode -- what's the secret behind For Tax Reasons' terrific work? They make those fancy animations with hard labor coerced from underpaid, non-union robots. Robots with simmering resentments that might! just! blow! up!

Link to Boing Boing tv blog post, with discussion thread and downloadable video.