BluRay's BD+ DRM broken


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  1. Tesseract says:

    No one actually knows if it has indeed been broken or not. All we have to go on is the press release from SlySoft, which of course has a vested interest in selling its products.

    They made the same statements last year and eventually it was discovered that it wasn’t exactly “broken”, you could just rip the titles protected with BD+ to your hard drive, where they could only be played back using a specific version of PowerDVD.

    If they did indeed break it this time, then it’s great news, but at least let’s wait until more details surface before we start running headlines like “BD+ Broken!”

    Only when we can rip the video and audio content from a BD+ and AACS protected Blu-Ray disc, and play it back on anything from a Linux PC to an iPod, only then can we declare it’s been broken.

  2. Landowner says:

    If some kid can crack the Iphone in few weeks nobody nowhere has a chance. Just a matter of time.

  3. darkshade says:


    BD+ titles are flooding p2p file sharing sites as we speak. It’s (mostly) been broken. There are a couple titles that have visual glitches, likely due to a slightly imperfect BD+ VM implementation. Additionally, there is one title (Hitman), which allegedly uses “more” BD+, and is not rippable yet.

    Of course, with the flexibility of BD+, this will likely be an unending battle between Slysoft and FOX… so we’ll see how it plays out.

  4. tqbf says:

    This press release is nicely dissembled. Not until the end of the third graf do they concede that the DRM contest has moved from the player to the disk. In other words, unlike with AACS, they have to spend “three months locked in a basement” reversing each major release.

    The point of BD+ wasn’t that it was unbreakable. It was that it shifted the economics, so that no one “class break” would yield all future titles.

    Why would I buy DVD ripping software that only had a chance of ripping all my DVDs? And how does SlySoft plan on justifying shipping a product that needs a database of title-specific DRM scheme breaks to function?

  5. expat83 says:

    Some observations:

    1.”No one actually knows if it has indeed been broken or not.” Be sure. It’s broken.

    2. “…Additionally, there is one title (Hitman), which allegedly uses “more” BD+, and is not rippable yet.” Wrong, sorry, “Hitman” is rippable with the 6401 version of AnyDVDHD available on the AnyDVD forum.

    3. “… The point of BD+ wasn’t that it was unbreakable….”
    I would say that if someone says BD+ is safe for 10 years that is about the same thing, no?

    They were wrong, period.

    4. When SlySoft says they are “relaxed” awaiting the next wave of BD+ titles where is the problem? The need gets identified, gets analyzed, gets “fixed”, the users get automatic update notices and “Fair Use” moves on. Now that the thinking process is clear there is not too much that can be done to put this out of reach again

    Think positive, people! A man encrypted, a man can decrypt.

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