Salon shows how to read WSJ for free


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  1. malcolmkass says:

    People who read Salon are intellectual backwater, nothing more that clildren of the wealthy and powerful. I am glad they will read the WSJ, it will teach them how to think.

  2. zuzu says:

    http-refer is a particularly nasty part of the HTTP RFC. I’d like to ask whoever suggested it what they were thinking. Statelessness is a feature not a bug.

  3. Michael R. Bernstein says:

    Refspoof is easier to install from this page:

  4. astrochimp says:

    Next will they show us how to read Salon without a cookie infestation and mandatory ad click-throughs just to read an entire article?

  5. Elvis Gump says:

    Oh I love me some Salon. I like the irony of this story too because I like keeping bookmarked to skip those annoying as fuck Salon ads when I pop open all my tabs in Firefox in the morning. Once you view one of those annoying ad things you this allows you to access that cookie is smears in your system.

    During the day sometimes when you come back to Salon and your cookie has ‘expired’ and you get that annoying “Choose how to view this article” nonsense, you just click that bookmark and you land back in the story link you just got booted out of.

    Hey, information wants to be FREE right?

  6. Elvis Gump says:

    Also I just want to tell you that BoingBoing is the one of the few sites I disable the AdBlockPlus Firefox extension on, but Salon like a lot of sites can kiss my ass with all those banners and inserts.

  7. Eli says:


    Now it’s only fair to point out that if you create/edit a cookie named SALON_PREMIUM with the value:


    you can read as a premium user (without ads!) for free. Don’t forget to set the cookie expiration in the far future.

  8. BruceG says:

    This may have worked at the time the article was posted, but it doesn’t anymore. A lot of the content on the wsj sight is free to begin with. The stuff that you need a password for, you still need a password for.

  9. Razzabeth says:

    Why not just use ? Then you don’t have to install weird softwares for no reason.

  10. Elvis Gump says:

    You don’t need to go all code writing show off to evade the cookie, just run one of those click through ads once and then look in your history folder and drag the one that shows up with “cookie” in it to your bookmarks and from now on click that when you want to go to Salon. I been doing this for years and have transfered that bookmark to multiple machines and browsers.

  11. Eli says:

    bugmenot for the I really doubt that works.

  12. clementmunns says:

    To those who think the WSJ is the NR…try using grey matter.

    An example of the difference would be the series of WSJ articles and editorial comments regarding the “black box” of Enron in the years leading up to the disaster.

    Enron didn’t surprise me because I read WSJ.

    If you want to know what is happening in the real world where information is money, then the WSJ is required reading, no matter what political persuasion sways you.

  13. Lobster says:

    Or you could always just go to National Review Online. Same editorials.

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