New South Park site debuts, with full episode streaming


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  1. Anonymous says:

    its working fine in Ireland. Now I want to go to Casa Bonita!

  2. Anonymous says:

    works fine for me – I’m in the Republic of Ireland. Maybe Ireland and Norway are special.

  3. foobar says:

    As long as you’re American. All other nationalities need not apply.

  4. Songe says:

    darth viacom made me lol

  5. jonathan_v says:

    i wonder if the ‘banned’ / ‘broadcast 1x’ episodes are online.

  6. fatpinkchicken says:

    I’m excited, yay! More ways to not do my hw.

  7. vjinterkosmos says:

    Mr. Twig has kept me happy for the past decade, so I don’t expect any low-res (and AFAIK region-blocked) stream to make up for it. 30 min after an episode airs there are 2k+ seeds, so I’m content to wait for 35 min longer than US audience.

  8. Mitch Tishmack says:

    For some reason I can’t help but laugh at this line:
    Basically, we just got really sick of having to download our own show illegally all the time. So we gave ourselves a legal alternative.

    I wish more tv show producers would think this way.

  9. mgabrysSF says:

    When you have a sofa in the office, full-screen is actually quite decent from across the room. This reminds me of the site where I’ve been picking up the entire run of classic Star Treks and sizable chunks of other shows (WKRP and Sliders are my faves at the moment). They also have movies like David Lynch’s Mulholland Drive.

    Even with single-commercial breaks this is far better than losing massive chunks of hard-drive for once-off viewings and – far far better than doubling my cable bill for the sake of TV.

    THIS is why I love broadband – and is the logical outcome when internet usage grows beyond 30% of down-time for people. It’s refreshing to see the content-providers getting a clue with some decent initiatives rather than the RIAA’s war on P2P. This isn’t a small point because until now it seemed all the content providers were more interested in criminalizing everyone through arcane laws and knee-jerk reactionary politics. It only took 4 years of wide-spread broadband access for the models to emerge.

    Geez this sounds like suck-up blathering – but this is the model everyone was agog about in the early 90s. The whole idea of “interactive TV”. Now I can leave my TV for games and DVD’s exclusively, get content on demand, and leave the reality shows for the dustbin.

  10. OM says:

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  11. ornith says:

    Is anyone else having trouble with the streaming? It keeps stopping and starting. And then suddenly deciding to stop altogether, or that I’ve finished watching the episode. Anyone got a fix?

  12. jere7my says:

    #1: Addressed in the article, Foobar: “Eventually every episode and clip will be available everywhere in the world. There is a tangle of contracts that Comedy Central has with different cable companies and territories that are preventing us from that right now. But hopefully it won’t be long.”

  13. Howard Wen says:


    You’re not the only one. The site seems to be getting hammered. But the way they have things set up, it appears the site doesn’t allow your computer to cache the video file (like the way YouTube and many other video sites work) in order to reduce skipping. That just sucks.

  14. remmelt says:

    “same-day simulcasting”
    The what now?

    Also, and this may be extremely illegal, immoral, unamerican, socialist, gay, xenophobic and naughty:
    Works outside the US de A as well.

  15. axelay says:

    Seems to work fine here in Norway…

  16. Jeff says:

    This episode about Britney Spears had me laughing so hard I had to turn it off. Which is probably a bad sign. Some of the best satire on TV or anywhere. The social commentary of South Park is at par with the best stuff out there.

  17. thisaintnopicnic says:

    Paste the SouthParkStudios url into there and you’re good to go in the UK. Can’t seem to get the full-screen mode to work but quality is reasonable anyway

  18. foobar says:


    That’s really not good enough. They’ve shown where their priorities are, and I’ll be voting with my wallet (and bittorrent) accordingly.

  19. BellaSook says:

    not available in Canada – although this is one of the shows we can get from itunes. le sigh.

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