Wallet size NYC public toilet map -- $2.50

Jon says:
200803241056 My friend Tommy has just published a wallet-sized map of over 250 public toilet locations in Manhattan, and is selling them on Etsy.

As he put it, "The New York City Public Toilet Map was unveiled today on Uncle Bob's Variety Show at the Jewish Museum as part of the Off the Wall: Artists at work.

After the presentation, a mob gathered at the edge of the stage to buy copies of the map!"

Sure nyrestroom.com will do the same thing on your smartphone, but sometimes you gotta empty your tank with a dead battery.



  1. Protip: Any Manhattan GAP location has a nice clean bathroom, and seldom has a line, even during xmas hell. Take a shit on them, like they take a shit on the pride of the Third World.

  2. Great, no matter how little cash is in my wallet, I’ll always be “flush”


    Bored @ work.

    FYI, Barnes And Noble bathrooms are always in the children’s section.

  3. This is a great idea. I’m there everyday and the issue of bathrooms CAN arise. NYC actually has some very nice, well-maintained and pleasant restrooms if you know where to find them.

    And, hey– I like the GAP! :)

  4. Starbucks have toilets but they are usually occupied. I never tried the Gap. But there is a pay toilet in Herald Square.

  5. someone should tell him that he’s made the entire map available for free as the easily accessible background image of his site…

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