Wearable air bag


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  1. afo says:

    anybody else think this looked comically useless? his weight was on his leg, arm, side and back – meanwhile his shoulders were nicely padded but barely touched the ground.

  2. adammetal says:

    Regular motorcycle suits protect against abrasion.
    What good is this thing going to do in a real impact? The air looks like its squishing around.

  3. Jerril says:

    Wow. I was introduced to the idea in Snow Crash.

    This was a better idea than flying cars, IMO – but as a non-driver I don’t have a good opinion of regular motorists. The idea of an SUV “driving” yahoo moving at 300 mph in a light aircraft gives me the horrors.

  4. Whiskey Spider says:

    A la Snow Crash. Cool.

  5. krylon says:

    Neck air bags have been around for years, but full jacket airbags are a recent thing.

    The first documented instance of full jacket airbags being used in a real accident occured just recently:

    I have a friend who rides professionally who thinks they’re a bad idea. He claims your body will roll much more, and that as a result your extremeties (especially your head and neck) will be exposed to much more trauma.

  6. SaulTSack says:

    Dunno what Dainese is crowing about – the ‘hit-air’ system has been around for a few years now:


  7. eyebum says:

    a bit more sci-fi coming to life…Looks like Neal Stephenson’s neck mounted “cervical airbags” from Snow Crash…

  8. Rickmccl says:

    Italian motorcycle gear company Dainese is testing these in the FIM MotoGP 125cc class this season. It is primarily a collarbone saver.

    “regular” motorcycle suits have impact armor at specific places, not just abrasion protection. Pro gear has enormous back protectors.

    Ever see the HANS head-and-neck-safety device used in auto racing? It clips the helmet to a frame to prevent hyperextension of the neck. An inflatable collar could go a long way toward doing the same for a highsiding ‘squid’.

  9. zengargoyle says:

    Damn, everybody beat me to it.


  10. Milo Minderbender says:

    Yet another thing to come out of Snow Crash. I so want to live in a converted storage unit. Really.

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