Wearable air bag

Airbagggbody In 2010, motorcycle gear manufacturer Dainese will release protective suits outfitted with airbags. It's apparently taken them ten years to get the system right and they've just released a video demo. I wonder what the outtakes look like. Link to YouTube video, Link to Dainese site (Thanks, Vann Hall!)


  1. Wow. I was introduced to the idea in Snow Crash.

    This was a better idea than flying cars, IMO – but as a non-driver I don’t have a good opinion of regular motorists. The idea of an SUV “driving” yahoo moving at 300 mph in a light aircraft gives me the horrors.

  2. a bit more sci-fi coming to life…Looks like Neal Stephenson’s neck mounted “cervical airbags” from Snow Crash…

  3. Neck air bags have been around for years, but full jacket airbags are a recent thing.

    The first documented instance of full jacket airbags being used in a real accident occured just recently:

    I have a friend who rides professionally who thinks they’re a bad idea. He claims your body will roll much more, and that as a result your extremeties (especially your head and neck) will be exposed to much more trauma.

  4. Yet another thing to come out of Snow Crash. I so want to live in a converted storage unit. Really.

  5. Regular motorcycle suits protect against abrasion.
    What good is this thing going to do in a real impact? The air looks like its squishing around.

  6. anybody else think this looked comically useless? his weight was on his leg, arm, side and back – meanwhile his shoulders were nicely padded but barely touched the ground.

  7. Italian motorcycle gear company Dainese is testing these in the FIM MotoGP 125cc class this season. It is primarily a collarbone saver.

    “regular” motorcycle suits have impact armor at specific places, not just abrasion protection. Pro gear has enormous back protectors.

    Ever see the HANS head-and-neck-safety device used in auto racing? It clips the helmet to a frame to prevent hyperextension of the neck. An inflatable collar could go a long way toward doing the same for a highsiding ‘squid’.

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