Cute message on kitten's fur

 Assetpool Images 08324194532 Kitty-Love1-185 The fur on this kitten, born Sunday in Sacramento, California, seems to spell out "I (heart) (dot)." That's especially cute because the kitten's mother is named Dottie.


  1. Awwwwwwwwww!

    Quick, someone give me a chaser of something revolting. The cuteness is putting me in insulin shock!


  2. Awwwww. Thank every god that may or may not have ever existed that it’s not another freakin’ Virgin Mary splotch.

  3. @Takuan


    Too far! Too far!

    On the other hand, I’m no longer insulin-shocky AND I’m outraged.

    So maybe that anti-kitty, revulsion-chaser was in fact just about right….



  4. From watching the video, it looks real, and so do the folks. And it’s part of the usual that the unusual occurs, so I vote Real.

    BUT–just so you know–there is a new hobby–somewhat akin to decorated “art cars”–of customizing cats by staining their fur various odd shades. The results are striking.

    (You’d have missed this bit of trivia if you don’t follow the supermarket tabloids. Someone should put up a link to a site devoted to colorized cats. There must be one.)

  5. Roger, you’re not referring to Why Paint Cats, are you? Cause that really IS a photoshopped hoax book. And if you believe anything you’ve read only in the supermarket tabloids… I’ve got a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn.

    This, though….AWWWWW! My head asplode from teh kyoot. *boom*

  6. Sorta looks like it says “HIV” to my eyes.

    Admittedly the “H” has some ink-bleed problems, but still.

  7. SpocksBrain: Yeah, I saw that too.. HIV and it’s a little plus sign :( Not so cute after all.

  8. That kitty was far too little to be taken outside into the sunshine. Poor thing, hope it survives the attention.

  9. Isn’t that soo sweet. It’s not uncommon as people think for animals to have patches like that, my mother’s minkz momma cat the biggest breeder of kittens and probably around her 6 litter she had one that had a number seven patch on his back and underdeveloped floppy back legs, giving the kitten away to a hispanic family, they said it was a sign from the God’s of course for good fortune. Reguadless of his disfunction. So I hope this family holds on to that special little kitty.

  10. For all the cool stuff BoingBoing posts, THIS is what gets linked from the Yahoo home page?

  11. has no one ever heard of cupid and her baby arrow? they are adorable paint horses. They’ve been around for awhile, you can even buy statues of them. Animals sometimes just get strange markings, not everything is a fake.

  12. QSD: Yeh, probably you are. Why would you be ‘disturbed’ by a kid having a fun haircut? It’s not exactly subversive anymore..
    I’m going to venture the entirely uncontroversial: hair-nazi

    And Remmelt, reading that in English-English (as opposed to American-English) it sound like you really really like menstruation.
    A noble plight, I’m sure :)

  13. Don’t you understand people, this is a message from God…There is no doubt about it… Please have faith…

  14. why would it be photoshopped??

    like its THAT hard to believe.

    technically a heart is just a random shape…ud think out of the BILLIONS of cats born one would end up having sports the shape of something we know…

    its cute, but its not like its unbelievable

  15. I live in the Sacramento area and saw this video last night on the news. And it’s completely true. It seems different online then watching it on the news. Everyone is too skeptical these days.

  16. That is not photoshop… I can tell you that with confidence. I am an effects editor for movies and TV and that is original. No compositing in that video. If it looks pixilated you probably don’t have very good eyes.

  17. SEYO,
    Im a graphic designer and live in photoshop its not shopped at all. . .. and check out the video!

  18. I’m going to read it as I Love. This kitten is a Beatles fan!! Yes all we need is love sweet kitten, all we need is love. LOL. Oh dear, I’m sorry but a message from God? Right cause God is like ‘hey I don’t have anything better to do so I’m going to put a heart on a kitten’s fur. Score one for me!’ Read the kitten’s fur as you like…For example, I may be the only one to interpret it as the kitten loves the Beatles. I do not desire to tell people that they should believe the same. Just a thought. :)

  19. this is pretty awesome. I didn’t know the mother’s name was dottie, there was no mention of this when the story broke out. Perhaps an overnight name change? lol… very cute kittie though!

    ralph – the google search engine that helps

  20. how cute!! at least its not another pic of something in the shape of the virgin mary, like that pretzel…

  21. 3DayWalk, I clicked your link thinking it would be relevant to the discussion..

    I feel for charity, but this feels like SPAM. If you had said “and by the way, please check out my worthy cause [link]” it would have been both more obvious and more honest.

  22. yeah,wondered about that….. good causes and charities, but there are just so many of them – all worthy…….

  23. Alt + 3(on the number pad) = ♥, for those who didn’t already know and have an overwhelming desire to annoy their friends.

  24. We are at Zoolatry ( and do lots of photoshop stuff on kittes… and if this is a photoshop work — I must congratulate the artist, cause it sure does look real to me… sorry, I just didn’t want to set up an account in order to comment here; but am not trying to be anonymous… we are Maggy, Zoey and the Zoolatry Human. Cute photo, cute kitten.

  25. It looks real to me..My aunt use to have a dog that had the #14 on its side..and I have a rat terrier that has a silhouette of snoopy on his back…

  26. #18m Ornith, wrote:
    “Roger, you’re not referring to Why Paint Cats, are you? Cause that really IS a photoshopped hoax book. And if you believe anything you’ve read only in the supermarket tabloids… I’ve got a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn.”

    Thanks for the information. However, the stories in those tabloids stated that the pictures in that book were the result of dying. Therefore, some tabloid readers would have gotten on the bandwagon by dying their own pets (e.g., possibly, with hearts and dots). For instance, here a story from p. 2 of the latest Examiner (April 7):

    “A Boulder, Colo., woman is seeing red after she was ticketed for dying her pet pooch pink! Joy Davis says she used harmless beet juice and Kool-Aid to stain her white miniature poodle Cici to call attention to breast cancer. Davis faces a $1000 fine …”

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