21 Responses to “Muxtape”

  1. Man On Pink Corner says:

    Neat! is my first attempt.

  2. tr0nt says:

    This is like a parody of a style of some kind of writing.

  3. boucher says:

    A much better way to make mix tapes:

  4. yer_maw says:

    Absolutely brilliant idea! the sort of theing the internet is brilliant for!

    i give it 3 weeks before its shut down.

  5. Simon Iddol says:

    yer maw you are right, in both issues ;)
    but it’s fun till then!!

    I just made one with my mixes

  6. Ali D says:

    Awesome, I’m making one now.

  7. momo_the_monster says:

    I was just going to suggest myself – I just love the real tape-style interface.

  8. DerekTut says:

    I miss Webjay.

  9. Dgenetics Musics says:

    We put up a sampler including two songs from each of our artists:

    [for those who enjoy diversity and a lil vintage flavor]

  10. stevesaguy says:

    You’ll love my muxtape.
    That is of course of you like the kind of music I like… the only way to know is to take a look.

  11. jonodavis says:

    Built in RSS feeds make it great for keeping up with what friends want to share.

  12. jamesgyre says:

    same here… super slow.

    here’s my mixtape anyway…

    a mix of dubstep, hiphop, sufi and electronic music.

    my blog has mp3s of the same and a lot more…

  13. ZehnKatzen says:

    easy listening goodness …

  14. cecropia says:

    i think the sites server is already at maxed out. the website is running super slow and the songs are not playing. anyways, if it ever comes back heres my mix.

  15. dharma rascal says:

    On Muxtape, Ascii art is not dead! I can’t attach an image here, but if you do a view source on their page… :-)

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