A bunch of chatter about muxtape today from various pals on different social networks I belong to. It's a pretty neat little service. Hand-roll your own MP3 mixtapes, and folks can listen to them with an intermaweb browser.


  1. Absolutely brilliant idea! the sort of theing the internet is brilliant for!

    i give it 3 weeks before its shut down.

  2. same here… super slow.

    here’s my mixtape anyway…

    a mix of dubstep, hiphop, sufi and electronic music.

    my blog has mp3s of the same and a lot more…

  3. On Muxtape, Ascii art is not dead! I can’t attach an image here, but if you do a view source on their page… :-)

  4. Built in RSS feeds make it great for keeping up with what friends want to share.

  5. You’ll love my muxtape.
    That is of course of you like the kind of music I like… the only way to know is to take a look.

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