Sinistar meets Dick and Jane

I get a furious giggle out of this Sinistar-meets-Dick-and-Jane graphic. Anyone know where it comes from? Post to the comments! (Thanks, Spingo!)


  1. man, i loved this game. the first time i played, and sinistar suddenly called out from somewhere “BEWARE, HUMAN – I LIVE!!”, i swear i crapped my pants.

  2. Man, I played Sinistar obsessively when it came out, and I’m with Franko on this one. The damn thing genuinely freaked me out when it started yelling.

    Wasn’t there an update to the game that came out for PC’s some time in the mid-90’s or so? I vaguely remember hearing about that…

  3. I yell “RUN, COWARD!” every time I’m playing City of Heroes and a mob that I’m wailing on takes off. Well, maybe not every time.

  4. I have all the PC and game console versions of Sinistar and NONE are any where as good as the stand up version in the arcade I would love to have an old console in my home I Love this game






  5. i’m with #10 — i would LOVE to have an upright arcade version of this in my house. i have two other uprights already (omega race & tempest), so i guess i’m already on a roll. sinistar and defender would make my life complete!

    and thanks for the cartoon, #12 — i had forgotten about bob the angry flower. i used to read him religiously!

  6. Sinistar is such a hard game.

    Interestingly, there is a nice hard-to-execute glitch that grants you a ton of extra lives in the game. If I recall correctly, it involves getting down to your last life, then letting Sinistar eat you and simultaneously dying due to getting shot by one of the other ships. You end up losing two lives simultaneously, which pushes the # of lives counter down to -1, which the game will interpret as 255, and lets you keep playing instead of getting a Game Over.

  7. Yes! I was about to mention the secret bonus lives error egg myself! I remember this pinball wizard named David who had triggered this accidental windfall of lives and handed the game over to me when he need a break.

    It was one of the only truly frightening effects in video games… at least until Quake came out.

  8. Haineux:

    That seems to be stolen from – oddly, they credit the source of the image but steal the text.

    I know this because I found it yesterday(!) when looking for GKW.


    Full points. I saved it from 4chan when I saw it there, it’s a great little work.

  9. big love to haineux for posting that link. i am both ecstatic and terrified by hearing sinistar again… i wonder who did his voice? it’s still frightening!

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