8 Responses to “Podcast of Ted Chiang's THE MERCHANT AND THE ALCHEMIST'S GATE”

  1. Avram says:

    Wurp, there are other online bookstores. How do you feel about Barnes & Noble or Powell’s? If you’re looking for used books, American Book Exchange is a search interface to an international network of used bookstores.

  2. dissist says:

    I tried to listen to this, but I’m not used to hearing books read to me, so I read the text myself. Consider my mind comprehensively blown. I never read any Chiang before, and I will remedy that soonest. There’s just so much he’s doing right, it almost reaches the level of Kim Stanley Robinson in its sheer humanism and respect for the life of the soul…

    Thanks Cory!

  3. NidSquid says:

    Fantastic! Thank you for posting that.

  4. Spectrometric says:

    i listened to this the other day and — wow! i was blown away by this story. highly recommended.

  5. wurp says:

    I’ve read all of Ted Chiang’s stuff I can find online. None of my local bookstores appear to carry him, and I have hang-ups about supporting the owner of the one-click purchase patent.

    Anyone know a good source to buy these online other than Amazon?

  6. wurp says:

    #5: Thanks for the reply. I had seen that some online bookstores had one or two Chiang books. I blew them off because the selection seemed too limited.

    Now that I’ve looked more carefully at his Wikipedia page, apparently he only has two books published. I guess I’ll buy them from B&N online.

  7. Nikc says:

    It’s one in the BSFA series you previously blogged.


    They were all awesome!

  8. LaHaine says:

    I have listened to this and I liked it. There’s some serious competition for the craphound podcast :-)

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