Drum kit as table


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  1. fragle21 says:

    Seriously, I had enough hippie drum circles in college to last me a lifetime, thank you very much.

  2. Xopher says:

    Wow! I wannit, I wannit! Them. Many of them. Whole banquet halls full of them!

    All thing are percussion instruments in the hands of a properly inspired person. This just makes the inherent drumness of a table easier to access.

  3. ehkca says:

    It’s been said by those who know me that a quick way to get me to confess to anything is to merely threaten me with the torture that is a drum circle. This then, is my worst nightmare incarnate.

  4. Takuan says:

    good thing you can’t see the leg irons

  5. Scott Lenger says:


    I never resist the urge, and when dining non-asian I often borrow my neighbors butter knife. A tall glass of ice water makes a nice bell.

  6. Takuan says:

    fine, so long as you have rhythm.

    Non-drummers who chop stick should have their hands nailed to the table with them

  7. ill lich says:

    Wow– automatic drum circ. . . uhhh. . . drum “square.”

    This could definitely encourage the forming of certain bad habits if you have kids and use it as a kitchen table.

  8. huntsu says:

    I desperately want to have one of these in my house, but would probably be divorced six months after it came in. And my husband would leave the kid and I — who are both compulsive drummers — and move to a soundproof room.

  9. Anne K. says:

    As most of our immediate family reunion dinners end in improvised tableware drum jams between the three drummers, I think this is totally awesome and I’m buying one for our cabin.

  10. krylon says:

    I’ll take 6!

    … and put a pneumatic gun into one corner that shoots superballs. The ensuing fracas should be amazing.

  11. EH says:

    #2: Apparently you’re not a drummer, as every drummer knows that “everybody’s a drummer.”

  12. sylvies_mammacita says:

    Has anyone used one of these things? I’d like to hear of some real life experiences. Or how about directions on how to make an inexpensive one at home.

  13. gmo says:

    This is cool, no doubt about it…and although my chop-sticks probably wouldn’t do the table drums justice – I’d rather bang away on something like this:

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