Kit for Rubik's "speed cubers"

A kit to help you solve Rubik's Cube in 9.18 seconds or less. From Tokyomango:


Speed cubing is a serious serious sport, and there are certain tricks of the trade that help you with it--you can loosen the screws holding the cubes together, or dissect and lubricate the moving parts. This Speed Cubing Kit by MegaHouse comes with screwdrivers, lube, and a little manual (in Japanese) on how to become a professional cuber.



  1. A better, more efficient “speed cube” kit would consist of assorted, colored stickers.

  2. I suppose the lube wouldn’t be needed for stickers, but could you seriously apply all the stickers in less than a minute, let alone 9.18 seconds?

    Then again, I don’t know if this kit would be too much use to me, I’m still trying to get my time under 4 minutes.

  3. i’ve never found the quality of cubes to be determined by anything other than randomness. (although i heard the studio cubes are nice)

    I’ve been lucky enough to find two cubes that are nice and loose, but not so much that they pop pieces when solving.

    also, if you really want to pimp your cube, get the griptape textured stickers from cubesmith. they look great, and last forever.

  4. If you’re looking for affordable Speed Cubes that are shipped within the US (i.e. short wait times) from a respectable source, checkout the PuzzleProz store on eBay:

    PuzzleProz ships all over the world, but is an especially great place to buy your puzzles from if you are in the US.

    You can also discuss speed cubes and other twisty puzzles in the PuzzleProz Forums:

    Cube On!

  5. And to think that in 1981 we all just used our dad’s screwdrivers to loosen the axles (not too much or it’ll be too loose and lock up!) and a little WD-40 for lube.

  6. I average in the mid 30s, and have several cubes. I bought some of the garden variety rubik’s cubes found in bookstores, and although they are hit and miss, some of them will turn out to be fantastic.

    However, I second the DavidPFarrell’s recommendation to check out PuzzleProz. I bought my cube lube from them, and their DIY kits look solid and reasonably priced. A nicer cube doesn’t substitute for weeks of practice and memorization, but it can certainly help

  7. I’ll recommend Master the for his DIY kits. They’re shipped from Oklahoma I think. It took just a few days to get mine. They also have tutorials on how to put it together.

    If you’re new, like me, check out Dan Brown’s Youtube Layer-by-Layer videos method to get started. You don’t have to speed cube, it’s still fun the “slow” way!

  8. When I was a kid we loosened up our cubes by just taking them apart and putting them back together a million times. How else were we going to solve it after we messed it up? I wasn’t the “solving” type.

  9. I don’t understand why people would actually purchase a special lubricant for their cube. In 91′ when I first started solving the RC I quickly learned that Armor All was the best thing to use. My best time with an ‘after market’ cube was 22.5 seconds back then (around 92′).

    What I can’t understand is how anyone could have broken the 10 second mark! That just blows me away.

    I’ve been looking for what was referred to at that time as a ‘Speed Cube’ and haven’t found one lately. There are no stickers – just colored permanent plastic inserts on the block faces. Has anyone else heard of where I can find one of these?

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