HOWTO bake Nintendo 1UP cakes


6 Responses to “HOWTO bake Nintendo 1UP cakes”

  1. sneadhearn says:

    Disclaimer: eating cupcakes does not guarantee reincarnation.

  2. travelina says:

    I can’t look at these mushroom cupcakes without hearing the sound they make. I guess it’s like a 21st c. madeleines experience?

  3. M says:

    Oh man those cakes look terrible! Potentially theycouldve been great. like these ones:

    or the non-mario ones:

  4. License Farm says:

    If those are Enzyte pills on the sides they’d definitely make you “bigger.”

  5. mark_at_flickeringpictures says:

    They don’t look great, but would you eat a fire flower? Especially one that magically changed the colour of your pants?

  6. phreatic says:

    Those look fantastic and the tops contain large amount of chocolate, which I am always down with. I wonder if I can find vegan white chocolate? These would be great for my DS-lovin’ friends b-day

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