Short documentary on Rev. Moon

ill lich says: "Quick and incisive documentary on the Rev. Sun Myung Moon and the breadth and depth of his influence in Washington. I'm sure most people don't know just how influential and rich he is. (I sure didn't)."

Picture 4-78 In 2004, journalist John Gorenfeld scooped the Washington press corps when he exposed a scandalous party on Capitol Hill, in which members of Congress watched as Moon held a ritual coronation for himself as the "King of Peace." Wearing a majestic cape and coronet, the publisher declared himself the Messiah. The New York Times editors compared the event, sponsored by a U.S. senator, to an act of the Roman emperor Caligula.

That, as you might imagine, was just the tip of the iceberg.

Bad Moon Rising takes you into the underbelly of the Religious Right. Which is surprisingly, scandalously entwined with Moon and his business empire--an untold chapter in American political history.



  1. Good heavens. A megalomaniac obsessed with ‘sex organs’ is crowned king in D.C. Could this be any more embarrassing? But Mrs. Moon has a very Queen-Elizabeth hand wave. I guess I could worship her.

  2. Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot.

    Always heard about him- mass weddings and all that, but was never sure what he was up to or about. Yeesh.

    Well, I guess Anonymous & /b/tards have a new target once they take down Scientology.

  3. Please! I am not insulting sex trade workers. Rather, on behalf of politicians everywhere, I wish to take back the “whore” to whom rightly owns it. Rather like that “stoop-simian” debacle in that “Retail Salespersons 2” art film.

  4. Nobody’s going to take Moon down. He owns the Washington Times, for cryin’ out loud! Back in the 80’s in Indiana, all the rednecks were askeered of Moonies — but you never hear that any more. Nobody talks about Sun Myung Moon nowadays, because he’s got lots of money, and it all votes Republican. Thus he must be our kind of folks.

  5. One other iceberg tip in the Moonie Loonie pantheon: He owns most of the Atlantic fishing fleet, where his disciples work for…well, nothing. Better still, they *own* sushi — I couldn’t make this up.

    “The Moon followers’ seafood operation is driven by a commercial powerhouse, known as True World Group. It builds fleets of boats, runs dozens of distribution centers and, each day, supplies most of the nation’s estimated 9,000 sushi restaurants.”,0,3736876.story

  6. I feel for the poor kids raised in this mess. Sigh. Not much hope for them considering who’s got Moon’s back.

  7. #10: As in most oppressive social situations (East Coast suburbs?), the smartest still get out, even with the Moonies. A brilliant friend of mine escaped, it helped that he was both gay and confident– so he had a direct, cogent reason… but yeah, telling your parents you’re rejecting everything you’ve been raised as is quite a large battle.

  8. The Bushes and the Moon man are very, very close to each other. Rev. Moon gives the Bushes money and generous press coverage. He also condemns America and its democracy and prays for our destruction. He also got some Congressmen to hold a semi-secret ceremony in the House, Crowning him KING!!!! And the press didn’t cover this until after we bloggers tore into the story. Even today, the mainstream press plays ‘hands off’ with the Moonie mess.

    source (half-way down page with links and more text)

  9. I Was a Teenage Moonie.
    Yep, they recruited me almost right out of high school in the late 1970s. I stayed with them for about a year, until I got sick with pneumonia from trudging around in the rain for 14 hours a day selling candy and flowers. Getting sick allowed me to slow down and think. I came to my senses and “escaped” (actually I got on a Greyhound Bus with some of my candy-selling money and went home).
    My sense of it then was that anybody with some sense would eventually realize it was a crock and head back to real life.

  10. I first head of this hilarious little cult though a SciFi novel. I was laughing my butt off, thinking “thank god nothing like that could happen in the real world.”

    …I was knocked off my feet when I was told it was a satirical story, based on a real crack-pot.

  11. And here I thought it was the Jews who controlled everything. Is Rev. Moon a secret Jew? I’m being tongue-in-cheek and ironic.

    Extreme freakiness to be crowned king in the Capitol Hill people high up in Government had to be aware of this. Freaky :-(

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  13. Republicans are not conservatives so much as they are shills for business.

    Religion is a business. Ask Scientology.

    Here in Houston, we have a former sports stadium that is now a major church, and 18,000 people flood it every Sunday.

    Their religion is little more than Ayn Rand-style “you deserve what you have, think positive and you’ll get more.”

    Was Rand a rightist? She always struck me as being more socially liberal than, say, G.W.B.

  14. After seeing the coronation video linked off of some liberal blog back in the 04 elections I started telling people about moon. No one believed me that some wack job could gain that much power in america.

    reminds me of this how to be a cult leader video:

  15. Almost ALL Sushi you eat comes from the Moon organization.

    He owns the Washington Times, an extreme right wing newspaper.

    He also owns (owned?) a town in the Northwest US.

    How does he remain so unknown?

    /No relation

  16. Remember the Jeff Gannon scandal a few years ago? When it turned out that the GW Bush white house gave daily press passes to a male gay prostitute who worked for a fake right-wing news website as a fake journalist?

    Not long after that, I saw a story suggesting that Reagan and GHW Bush administrations — Poppy Bush, not baby Bush — may have had embarrassing links to an underaged gay prostitution ring in DC. The Washington Times ran a front-page story about it in 29 June 1989, but didn’t really follow up on it. Some bloggers, as I recall, suggested that maybe this was Rev Moon blackmailing his way into respectability.

  17. Washington Bullets
    (The Clash)

    Oh! Mama, Mama look there!
    Your children are playing in that street again
    Don’t you know what happened down there?
    A youth of fourteen got shot down there
    The Kokane guns of Jamdown Town
    The killing clowns, the blood money men
    Are shooting those Washington bullets again

    As every cell in Chile will tell
    The cries of the tortured men
    Remember Allende, and the days before,
    Before the army came
    Please remember Victor Jara,
    In the Santiago Stadium,
    Es verdad – those Washington Bullets again

    And in the Bay of Pigs in 1961,
    Havana fought the playboy in the Cuban sun,
    For Castro is a colour,
    Is a redder than red,
    Those Washington bullets want Castro dead
    For Castro is the colour…
    …That will earn you a spray of lead

    For the very first time ever,
    When they had a revolution in Nicaragua,
    There was no interference from America
    Human rights in America

    Well the people fought the leader,
    And up he flew…
    With no Washington bullets what else could he do?

    ‘N’ if you can find a Afghan rebel
    That the Moscow bullets missed
    Ask him what he thinks of voting Communist…
    …Ask the Dalai Lama in the hills of Tibet,
    How many monks did the Chinese get?
    In a war-torn swamp stop any mercenary,
    ‘N’ check the British bullets in his armoury

  18. Many of those writing in this topic are not so informed. Not many Unificationists are working as unpaid lay missionaries these days. Most members who were unpaid directly in the old days but were fully supported for their livelihood and expenses. Of course, in order to pay those bills, many of the members worked either at jobs or fund raising to support the mission.

    Today, almost all members work at jobs or in businesses as they own houses and have families and even retirement savings. The movement has not usually supported members raising families. That led to most members raising families going to work and worshiping and tithing like any other American family. Participation by members varies according to that members situation or dedication. Some are avid and some are lax; just like any other faith.

    Even members who left or disassociated themselves with the movement tend to be better and stronger, more moral members of society for their experience. And their experience over the years was rich and intense.

    Not a lot of Unificationists are on welfare to my knowledge. They tend to be more self-reliant than the general population. Unificationists do not look for a free lunch. They work for their livelihood and expect no handouts especially from government or church.

    Anyone can make an allegation. Most allegations against the movement would look ridiculous if the same allegation were made against any other church. The Pope lives like a king as do many televangelists and ministers and CEOs. Whether they have misused public money or not is not up to you and I to decide without an impartial inquiry. Personally, I consider the Pope and Queen Elizabeth and her fellow royals and National heads of state to be just as accountable as Reverend Moon for the rewards they enjoy. If they are faithful to their posting and it’s responsibilities, then there can be no legitimate complaint against them. If they conspire against the people who are the children of the Creator, and misuse the wealth and position they hold, then they have received thier reward and will have no place in His Kingdom. By His Kingdom, I imply the Kingdom of the G*d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

    I have never equated Yeshua with the Creator Himself. Nor do I equate Reverend Moon as the Creator. Both Yeshua and Reverend Moon hold an office. It is that of Messiah. Both Yeshua and Reverend Moon are containers of His love and are His image just as my son is in my image. When you look at Yeshua, you do see His Father in him. But time has shown that Yeshua brought redemption to those of us who believe in him by obeying His commandments. No free lunch! Faith without works is a free lunch! Like Yeshua, if Reverend Moon is also in the Messiah office, time will show it. Those who saw Yeshua in life, did not respect him. Even the disciples faith was tenuous at critical times like the garden of Gethsemane. What if they had testified to the Sanherin in Yeshua’s defense. What if they stood at his side at the trial in mass and offered to die in his place?

    The religious leaders of Yeshua’s day refuse to acknowledge that the Baptists testimony was of G*d even though they knew that the Baptist’s father Zechariah was the high priest who had been visited by an angel in the holy of holies while attending on the Day of Atonement and lived! Zechariah testified that his son would be the Elijah. The only objection they had was that Elijah must come first before the Messiah and that objection could not stand.

    Even though the media continues to ridicule Reverend Moon, many substantial leaders do give respect to him. They may not be mindless moonies but they do respect a man who stands by what he believes.

    When it comes to the Washington Times, it is interesting that every news story and column is usable to claim that that is Reverend Moon’s point of view. Yet when Reverend Moon seeks to publish an editorial that does express what he wants to say, the editorial board rebels and threatens to resign on mass and trash the founder of the paper. The editors of the paper may be neo-cons and conservatives as the paper’s mission was to provide a lone “conservative” voice in the leftist mass media of the day. It was to provide some balanced reporting and it did force the media to be more honest and objective but personally, I gave up the left-right dialectic a long time ago. In the end, the American government is top-down socialist. All 10 planks of the Communist Manifesto are American law now. The Commandments of G*d have little to do with this pagan nation. The deceptions of the Satan have won over this government and it does not deserve His blessings any longer.

    Whether you believe in Yeshua who is usually called Jesus or in Moses or Reverend Moon, this nation must repent now and turn from it’s wicked ways. You must repent! Obey the Commandments of G*d for that is the definition of G*d’s love. If G*d has not given you the faith that Reverend Moon is the current Messiah, then ask Him who you should follow. If you ask, He will give you the one to follow. If it is Yeshua, then believe! Commit! Time is short.

    Observe His Sabbath; which is not sunday! Read your Bible! He did not rise on sunday! Know the difference between a Sabbath and a High Sabbath! Christmas and Easter are pagan! Observe Passover and First Fruits, Tabernacles and Atonement! Observe His Holy Days not holidays of the pagan nations! Be holy as He is holy.

    Choose this day who you will serve. As for me and my house, We will serve the Lord!

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