Steampunk photoshopping contest


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  1. License Farm says:

    Because of the resolution on the image above, I initially thought it was more of a ’70′s style device. We have steampunk for the Victorian period, clockpunk for the Renaissance/Enlightenment period, dieselpunk for early 20th century, and so on. May I nominate anachronistic tech from the post-war to late ’70′s aesthetic as bakelitepunk? It’d be characterized by a lot of burnt umbers and avocados.

  2. anthropomorphictoast says:


  3. Agent 86 says:

    You must have died and gone to SciFi-Heaven when you found this!

  4. RJ says:

    Sweet. I love steampunk stuff.

  5. w000t says:

    RJ (#2) – If you love steampunk, try Nitrome’s newest game, Dirk Valentine and The Fortress of Steam –

    It’s a side-scrolling platformer full of steampunky goodness, and tons of fun to boot.

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