Cat litter cake is both clumpy *and* delicious

This was the lesson I learned on Sunday evening, during a dinner + Mighty Boosh viewing party with a few friends. Noted grossout pastry expert Andrea James baked the cake, and also takes the cake, for ick-out ingenuity and an improvised recipe that was nilla-wafery, icing-frostily delicious. It was even vegetarian! Andrea explains:

Not vegan - has eggs (chicken haploids) and dairy (cow sequeezins). But no animal products derived from a dead animal. Pudding, which many recipes for this cake contain, has blood and/or connective tissue in it (gelatin). You could do it vegan, by using a vegan cake recipe and vegan wafers, if you wanted.
Above, iPhone snapshots I took (1 + 2 + 3) before we dug in. I thought the photo would elicit more LOLs if I placed the cake on the floor next to actual catfood dishes. The dessert was as yummy as the photos are abhorrent. Note the painstaking attention to reality evidenced by the absorbent (sugar) blue sprinkles! Also the melted tootsie-roll cat doodoos! I could not bring myself to eat them, for I am as much of a fan of this particular candy as I am of poo verité.

Anyhoo. Here are more photos and a HOWTO, from Andrea. Step one: buy a fresh cat litter box...


  1. i made one of these at a family reunion about 18 months ago. kids loved it, adults were seriously grossed out and segregated this dessert from the others.

  2. If you go to the Whitney Biennial, they have a giant 6′ x 4′ cat litter tray on display. It’s full of litter, but sadly missing the turds. My first thought on seeing it was of these litter cakes (which have been around for years, by the way).

    They had some other interesting poo art & typography on display however. If this stuff gets your rocks off, you might want to check it out.

  3. Those things are a little stomach-turning, but it would still be fun to make one for a party sometime. Maybe a birthday cake for a particularly sardonic friend…

  4. Aye, flirtinis all ’round

    ‘He caught a fish upon the lake and came into this pub’

  5. I especially like the helpful directions, which are also educational:

    “Next, carefully warm (don’t melt) the Tootsie Rolls in the microwave. Taper them a bit on the ends, because if cat poop weren’t tapered, their buttholes would slam shut after they doo-doo.”

    Guess it’s a LOLCAT litter cake.

  6. Ingenuity?

    I’ve seen recipes like this on the interwebs dating back probably before 1999.

  7. Whoa man – that is some tasty cake! A friend made one of these for a Halloween party, along with other gross-out foods. As much as it freaked me out to look at it, the cake was delicious. Said friend used oats somehow to get the clumping effect, and green instead of blue. I’d suggest the recipe, but I don’t think I’m brave/malicious enough to make the poops.

  8. I have a friend who’s made these for her last couple Halloween parties. She has a cat, and served the cake in a real (unused) litterbox with a litter scoop for a serving utensil (also unused). She also always puts a turd on the edge of the litterbox as if the cat missed, which makes it even grosser.

    The first time I saw it, I honestly thought she’d just been moving her cat’s litterbox for the party and accidentally left it out. Okay, I kinda fell for it the second time, too.

    But mmm… that’s some good cake.

  9. @Roach, if they include gelatin (which is in pudding mixes), they’re not veg. A lot of the recipes floating around on the ‘net for this cake include sneaky non-veg ingredients.

    @anyone whining about the fact that cat litter cake wasn’t invented on Sunday, no, I know this isn’t new, that’s not the point of the post. The point is I ATE SOME.

  10. it’s o.k. there xeni! my dog eats those things all the time. he just thinks that they are crunchy treats! yummm! and no dead animal products, to boot. even though he loves him some dead animal products!

  11. Can the article just be about the cool disgusting cakes instead of half of it being how it isn’t VEGAN, and has GELATIN in it, oh and name drop to the fact you have an iphone.

  12. One of my teachers in high school had one of these made for her birthday by her fellow tormentors, I mean teachers. She seemed to be a fan of the cake, although I suspect she was also a good target for practical jokes. An earlier year, she got an icing-covered styrofoam cylinder which did a great job of trapping the knife used to cut it. After her momentary confusion and trying to remove the knife with the least amount of sugary disaster, the other teachers brought out the real cake.

    Yeah. High school was strange.

  13. Years ago for either a birthday or housewarming gift, a friend brought over a (presumably) clean Rubbermaid tray filled with I think peanuts (maybe chopped?) and for the “poop”, unwrapped Almond Roca, which works well because of all the bits of almond embedded in the chocolate.

    After eating all the Almond Roca (yum), I kept picking at the peanuts for a while, then eventually tossed the rest and used the tray as a second litter box.

    Anyways a delicious and authentic-looking (if pricey) alternative for edible fake poop.

  14. This is just an inferior updating of Little Gator’s (Susan Mudgett’s) Deep Shit cookies, which nestle in a bed of Grape Nuts cereal, which dates back even ruther than this 1995 example:

    It works best if you put the litter box on the floor and ignore it, then walk into the room and bend down and eat a couple. I can verify from personal experience that this is EXTREMELY effective on small children. Make sure there are no real cats.

  15. Not whining, but proudly sharing the cake my sister-in-law made for my wife’s birthday last summer. The poops were big tootsie rolls. mmm…

  16. What would be an Australian-market equivalent to a Tootsie Roll? I’d like to give this a try!

  17. I make a quicker version of this cake, those who cannot be arsed to bake, are too busy or are already drunk:

    Go to the pet store, buy a small cat litter pan and scoop. Wash them thoroughly, because you are going to have to swear on your very soul that they are clean.

    Go to the closest convenience store. Buy two of your favorite rectangular Entenmann’s cakes (Devil’s food cake is particularly appropriate), two boxes of shortbread cookies (Lorna Doones are good) and at least six big Tootsie rolls.

    Take the cakes out of their foil and place them side by side in the litter pan. Smash the cookies into lumps, not crumbs, (a ziplock bag and a bottle of 12-year old whisky is good). Scatter on top, making sure none of of the cake is visible. Microwave the Tootsie rolls for about 10 seconds. Roll them into ‘fruit of the cat’ and place them lovingly on top. Make sure you have a couple breaching the wall for authenticity.

    Use the scoop to serve.

    Et Voilå, no one ever wants to come to your house for dinner.

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