Large Hardon Collider

Oogly says,
On Saturday, The New York Times mis-printed the CERN Large Hadron Collider as being the "Large HARDON Collider".

I have a web site tracking the proliferation of this Sopranos-worthy malapropism. It's funny when a fat New Jersey criminal doesn't know any better, but when the NYT and serious scientific journals make a Freudian slip, it's hilarious.

Link, mildly NSFW.

I wonder if this runs on DONG Energy.


  1. That’s about at the level of fark humor. Typo collecting? That’s Jay Leno. The question is, which is worse?

  2. Actual dialogue from another message board, on a thread about the expansion of the universe:

    jb_farley: Is that a tau-neutrino in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?

    DrMatrix: That’s not a tau-neutrino in my pocket, I’ve got a hadron.

    Seeing that people literally lepton his hadron reply, the guy used this line as a signature for years afterwards.

  3. The “Old Grey Lady” meets the Big Bang in more ways than one? Oh wow, too many jokes…

  4. I’m waiting for a gay porn studio to notice this and get an idea for a new project. “We’ll put them in labcoats! It’ll be hot!”

  5. When do we get the BoingBoing split (ala TV and Gadgets) to create a “Funny, But It’s Exactly Why We Are Blocked in DIA” sub-site?

  6. I’ve never once parsed it correctly. Whenever the subject of CERN comes up (and in my line of work it’s fairly often) I titter like a schoolgirl.

  7. Does this have anything to do with the DONG Energy Company mentioned over on BB Gadgets? Do you think they’ll be able to pull it off?

  8. It’s horrible when the large hardon collider accidentally creates a new black hole :(

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