Podcast recycles actual talk radio calls

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Clay Roe says:

The podcast we produce, "Ask Mr. Biggs!", is a fictitious, small town radio call-in talk show.

A simple concept, to be sure. But there's a fun little twist.

Caller audio comes from real calls lifted from real talk radio shows. We remove the original host from the conversation, re-arrange the parts a bit, and insert Mr. Biggs as the new "host." The results are very seamless and comical, but not in ways you might think. We try not to go for easy laughs, but rather for a more subtle, nuanced, character-driven humor.

The podcast is produced by a couple of audio nuts, so the sound quality of the show is as good as you'll hear anywhere. Very clean and realistic. The calls are integrated with great care and precision. In fact, listeners to the podcast often never realize that the calls have been taken from other un-related sources.

It's this reason why we recently decided to lift our skirt, and expose the fact that these callers are from REAL talk radio broadcasts. You can't write this stuff. You can, however, edit and switch around what they're saying to make them even more unusual.



  1. Oh man that’s good. This was done similarly to great effect for years by audio-artisans Negativland (possibly most famously in the piece “Time Zones”), however these guys are working a different side of the street. I might be fooled into thinking this was real except for Mr. Biggs’ ridiculous cartoon voice.

  2. This reminds me of the great Phil Hendrie. If you liked this bit then I’d suggest looking into Hendrie’s old shows, which have a twist as well: Hendrie is the host and his phone-in guest, who inevitably infuriates and belittles callers. I don’t feel bad for giving you the twist- the show is even more fun to listen to once you know what’s going on.

    Nowadays, Hendrie runs a more typical talk show, but in his shows a couple years back (and for a good 10-20 years before that), he had a number of great bits.

    Good link! I liked this one.

  3. Hello. I’m from the Ask Mr. Biggs podcast. Due to the sudden, unexpected spike in traffic to our site, we’ve experienced a bit of a crash. Please be patient. Our web host (qnet, who have generously provided server space free of charge) is on top of the situation and will have everything sorted out in a day or so.

    Thanks for the interest! Please check back.

  4. We are getting things fixed, I promise.

    We’re fortunate enough to have a super bitchin’ ISP (www.qnet.com) that are fans of the show, and donate the serverspace and bandwidth…simply out of the kindness of their hearts.

    Well, yesterday their hearts asplode. We broke their internet. They weren’t mad, but had to yank our site in order to keep their paying customers alive.

    We’re discussing options today. Hopefully it will be back up by the end of the day. PLEASE check back. We’ve been waiting for this kind of exposure for quite some time. Now that it’s here, it’s quite overwhelming.


    CR (aka, Mr. Biggs)

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