Today is Run Some Old Web Browsers Day!


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  1. noen says:

    I remember using Netscape 1.1 on my Mac Classic II with a 9600 modem and a whopping 500meg HD and 4meg RAM. I connected to my ISP pseudo shell account through a Z-Term script I wrote myself as they had no Mac support. I mostly used telnet, pine and rn. I was mostly into ASCII art at the time.

    Hypercard, now that was the future there.

  2. TheFool says:

    Original sites are down, use coral cache:

    Love the “design” including such amazing tricks as using to make the first letter in each word bigger than the rest… :D

  3. TheFool says:

    Also images thrown through the “emboss” filter in XV or whatever made them :)

  4. hexmonkey says:

    JWZ had a link to bOING bOING in his bookmarks list back then too!

  5. Andrew W says:

    Nostalgia or not, I think the Circle-M with rotating planes was the BEST THROBBER EVER.

  6. dequeued says:

    Wow, they even throttled their servers to 1994 speeds!

  7. tikal2k says:

    “New information is available every day on the Internet!”

  8. thegreenduck says:

    heh, on Jamie’s Bookmarks page ( he has this say:

    These guys never ever update their content.

  9. Paul D says:

    All I can glean about the HYPE tag is that it was some kind of Easter egg in Netscape and was supposed to play a certain sound file.

  10. zish says:

    I prefer to view my web sites as it they were from those pre-mozilla/Post Mosaic days of yore. I just throw Firefox together with Tobi’s Time Machine, and voila!
    Oh, and skin your Browser with Netscape Windows 3.1 for the full effect.

  11. Spikeles says:

    It’s really fun looking through those bookmarks, even if most of the pages result in 404 errors, you can see what was interesting(to Jamie anyway) back in 1994 and what is still interesting today. Boing Boing, The weather, The Game of Life, Blade Runner, HP Lovecraft. Looking through the various what’s new news items is fun too.

  12. Spikeles says:

    Btw: Disclaimer: I was 12 years old in 1994, was probably still playing with my Atari and didn’t have a clue what the internet was.

  13. darsal says:

    @12: Just for fun I pointed XENU (the link checker) at JWZ’s archived bookmarks, and while most indeed are not answering now (or where the answer nowadays is nothing like it was back then), there are quite a few that have been in continuous use since then.

    (This also prompted me to finally go ahead and set up my home network to use OpenDNS. It’s really hard to get an honest HTTP response code these days…)

  14. foobar says:

    It’s a bit disturbing how ephemeral the medium of our age is. How well will this period be remembered in 2094?

  15. jphilby says:


    The tag in Trivia#3 is invisible!

  16. jphilby says:

    Hmmm! Let’s try .LT.HYPE.GT. tag.

  17. mellowknees says:

    Anyone running NEOPLANET ONLINE today? :)

  18. djam says:

    looks ancient but add some fancy css to it, and it would fit right in with todays websites. i guess not much has changed!

  19. Sam says:

    If you’re going to run lynx, allow me to suggest using GL Terminal to do it.

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