Unusual retro craft project -- dolls in a dead tree


The Collector's Quest blog has an illustrated list of "Thirteen Retro Kitsch Items That Likely Didn’t Survive For You To Collect." Shown here: "Dolls displayed in a dead tree." Link (Via Hang Fire Books)


  1. Hmm… I think this one scores low on the craft factor but more than makes up for it in creepiness. Imagine the poor child walking into this room only to find their favourite dolls re-enacting a scene from ‘Hurricane Disaster at Doll Picnic’. Personally, I imagine them as a flock of murderous dolls whose flying attack is accompanied by an unholy screeching; very The Birds meets Piranha Part Two: The Spawning.

  2. This reminds me of a “Kool-Aid” tree my mom made for some friends of mine when they got their first apartment. They loved Kool-Aid & Mom loved being silly. She still talks about it too.

  3. Do the dolls sing, “It’s an effed world after all…It’s an effed world after all…” ?

  4. You could emulate “Excalibur” and hang all your kids Rescue Heroes from a dead tree.

    For added realism, you could add a bird pecking their eyes out…

    They’re kind of like modern-day knights, really.


  5. Obviously inspired by La isla de las muñecas in Xochimilco, Mexico.

    Some guy has been hanging dolls from trees on this swampy island for years.

    Don’t know if it is still there since the gentleman died a few years back. I hope the authorities didn’t clean it all up.

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