Video of creepy eyelid-poking beauty tip

Picture 8-32 Dan Shapiro says: "Item #3 on this page consists of an attractive woman smearing superglue on her eyelid, then repeatedly poking herself. The goal is to create a western-style eyelid "crease", and the video is just creepy." Link


  1. So, is the fashion industry out of ideas on what to make women self-conscious of?

    Next up: Western women getting surgery to remove their eyelid crease!

  2. I dont know whats going on with asian women, but most seem to be filled with self-hatred and/or shame of their culture and/or appearances. Between the crazy eyelid surgeries and mind boggling statistic of something like %40 of American-born asian women marrying caucasian men, you gotta feel bad for the seemingly normal asian dudes who are perfectly happy being asian.

  3. Oh, you straight guys are so squeamish. I wouldn’t need to waterboard you to get information. I could just threaten you with liquid eyeliner and a lash curler.

  4. Guy, you really need to read Laura Miller’s “Beauty Up” before making pronouncements. It’s not a “western-style” eyelid crease, for one thing.

  5. I don’t have a copy (borrowed mine from the library), but hey, Google Books will let you take a look. Look up Laura Miller’s “Beauty Up” (ISBN 052024509), starting at page 115 for the story.

  6. I think I’d rather just have slanted or almond-shaped eyes than glue my eyelids to my forehead.

    Besides, the east asian eye shape is exotic and appealing to me. Consider the actress, Lucy Liu. She’s a good example. Could you imagine her gluing her eyelids up?

    Okay, I made myself laugh. I’ll be quiet now.

  7. Ugh, I’m not even going to watch the video. In my mind anything to do with poking and eyeballs is the grossest thing in the world.

  8. “Western-style eyelid crease”??? She could end up blind doing that! People just need to accept their own ethnic beauty – or have a professional help them out!

  9. Ouch.

    I am thoroughly disturbed. Perfectly normal people mutilating or hurting themselves for the sake of beauty/fashion is something that’s been around for a long time, but it seems to me that it’s getting more and more ridiculous.

    “Tsk, it’s a shame you don’t have ‘western eyelids’. You’d be so much prettier. ”

    When will people learn to love their unique features?

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  11. I second Calton’s emotion:
    In “Beauty Up” Laura Miller cites that according to recent data, most Japanese people already have a double epicanthic fold, so eyelid-glue creasing as a beauty practice actually emulates Japanese conventions of beauty, NOT Western conventions. The double-eyelid widens the eye, making it “more expressive” in the views of many young Japanese (she cites the influence of manga & anime: think how big anime/manga eyes are). This is just another example of ethnocentrism on our parts. I cannot quote her word for word, but she basically says something to effect of, “Japanese youth are not thinking of Britney Spears when creasing their eyelids, they are thinking of Ayumi Hamasaki.”

  12. Excellent, I didn’t know that my eye creases were so desirable.
    I never realised I was so gorgeous, but I have loads of these creases. All over my damn face in fact.
    Is bald fashionable too?

  13. @ #1 — It’s not a fashion industry idea, it has been going on for quite a long time. New to BoingBoing ≠ New.

  14. Adding an epicanthic fold is much more difficult. In order to make up the tissue deficit, the doctor would have to add skin from somewhere else. Scrotal or labial skin would probably be good donor choices. Make sure to post before and after pics.

  15. I agree with the “Western style eyelid” comment being quite foolish – it tells a great deal about the vanity of those of European ancestry that they believe that any change someone of another ethnic group makes in their appearance must be so that they will look more like “Westerners”.

    “Asian” is a racial identity only in the United States – Koreans, Chinese and Japanese in Asia don’t consider themselves to be the same race – in fact, inside of China, Uighur, Han, Tibetans, Manchus and Mongols are the five major racial groups – anyone who has watched the news this month should realize that racial tensions exist there as well.

    I remember one time in Japanese class a student asked the teacher if there were any visible minorities in Japan. She answered “Yes, the two most common are Koreans and Chinese”. He asked “I mean VISIBLE minorities.” She repeated a little slower “Koreans and Chinese”.

    Many Japanese do have what’s called a ‘double eyelid’ already – some to the same degree as most people of European ancestry – fewer Chinese and Koreans do – it’s really a matter of how much fat there is under the eyelid.

    The crease doesn’t do anything to the epicanthic fold that most east Asians have – in fact, if you think about it, if they wanted to look more like Europeans, why wouldn’t they take that off when they had eyelid surgery?

    If you check out the Fairly Unbalanced(tm) “Undergo Plastic Surgery to Make Eyes Look Japanese” (2008/01/27) you can find a Wapanese-Brazilian having nylon wires implanted in her eyes to give them a Japanese slant the celebration of 100 years of Japanese immigration to Brazil.

    BTW…That “video of creepy eyelid-poking beauty tip” that has been the all-time favorite of my readers since 2005–the video was originally posted in 2004.

  17. Nasty! Is there a unicorn chaser? Or goggles-that do-nothing chaser? (Latter actually seems more appropriate.

  18. @#20

    Denied. The unicorns are all busy poking the eyelids of Asian women. There is work to be done!

  19. Most of the people I know who do this do it for more mundane reasons. Not to look like they`re not Japanese. Nor is it necessarily a women`s thing, though more women do it than men.

    It`s quite simple. Often, when your eyes have a single fold it means the eyelid is puffy. Puffy eyelids make it hard to open your eyes wide. You end up looking like you`re half asleep most of the time, even when you`ve opened your eyes to their full extent.

    Imagine a job interview situation. As the double fold is NOT at all rare in the regular Japanese population, chances are you`ll be up against others with mostly natural folds. Who do you think is going to look like a better option? The bright eyed, alert (in appearance) candidates, or the one that looks like they`re half asleep who you can`t really tell if they`re looking at you or not?
    Who do you think will look more trustworthy? Who would you choose as a possible mate?

    Making this into a “all for beauty!” thing is just too simplistic. It`s thought of more as correcting a cosmetic flaw. Epicanthic folds, which are what is really “Asian” in appearance, aren`t thought of as a flaw. They`re not going to put you at a disadvantage in life – looking half asleep will.

    Plus, that isn`t superglue. It`s an organic adhesive.

  20. Okay, here’s more of that subtle Orientalism I rant about all the time (no offense to anyone–it’s easy to do).

    This is not about looking white. Get over (y)ourselves.

    Most Japanese women (and some men) really want that “double-eyelid,” but the reason is simple: Look at the photos on the page. When your eyelid folds back on itself like that, your eyes open wider; you look more alert/attentive/alluring, and your eyes look bigger. All of these are universal attraction points for humans.

    Something like 80% of Korean women have surgery for it.

    So, please, please, please, for the love of god, when you see something strange in Japan/Asia, please do not let “they’re trying to be like us!” be your first thought. They might just want bigger, sexier eyes. They might just really like pasta. They might be totally intelligent and autonomous people who don’t have the slightest interest in you, your culture, or whether you do something similar to something they are doing.

    As an observer of this trend, however, I have these notes:

    1) Tape comes loose, and you might walk around with one eyelid down and with a weird sticky line over your eye.

    2) Glue pretty much looks like you put glue on your eyelid. It doesn’t move right.

    3) Your eyes are probably just fine; don’t worry about trying to look like a gravure model; just be yourself and your inner beauty will probably shine right through. Unless you’re an awful person. Then you should get surgery. Or, hell, even if you’re a nice person who is just really bothered by her eyelids, get them done anyway. They’re your eyelids; you can do with them as you please!

  21. Who do you think will look more trustworthy? Who would you choose as a possible mate?

    This is a joke, right?

    One of my friends has a full epicanthic fold and he is the handsome man I have ever seen. If he weren’t already mated…and I trust him, too.

  22. I am thoroughly disturbed. Perfectly normal people mutilating or hurting themselves for the sake of beauty/fashion is something that’s been around for a long time, but it seems to me that it’s getting more and more ridiculous.

    Meh – tons of this all around in our culture. It’s called piercing and tatoos. We call that “art” and “self expression”. Why can’t this be too? If she stuck a hunk of metal in there or carved a hole so she could look out while her eyes were shut we would be all giddy.

  23. nope. I’m a control natural. Grudgingly accept dental fillings.

    To mutiparaphrase (as in terribly,criminally mutilate in very bad paraphrasing) a koan:

    It’s all EXTRA!

  24. It’s not just about something innocent and practical like “looking sleepy” or “self-expression”, or you’d see men doing this at comparable rates.

    And that something, like wide eyes, have “universal appeal” is dubious enough (why is the appeal gendered, if it’s just about eye dimensions?), it’s even more questionable why the idea of something having “universal appeal” makes it somehow defensible.

    Not that women subjecting themselves to disturbing little beauty rituals is inherently bad, but it does warrant a critical eye, imho.

    As an Asian female, it’s great when Asian women reject – or just don’t care about – Western feminine body ideals. But that greatness is sort of moot if they’re just loyal to their equally silly Asian feminine body ideals. I mean, great, so we aren’t acting colonized. It’s still gluing your fucking eyelid, though.

  25. In reply to the “men doing this at comparable rates” comment;

    This is the same as men using makeup. Men who are at the forefront often do use a bit discreetly – just as those who are in the forefront will do their eyelids. It isn`t confined to women. There are kits for men on sale all over the place.

    The bigger issue is that women are expected to put effort into their appearance, while it is more acceptable for men to just be as-is. This isn`t Japanese culture – it`s just as true in the US from my experience.

    “This is a joke, right?

    One of my friends has a full epicanthic fold and he is the handsome man I have ever seen. If he weren’t already mated…and I trust him, too.”

    It`s not a joke.
    I`m not talking about the epicanthic fold. That is *different* from the eyelid crease this video is about.
    My husband is extremely attractive, in my opinion. He has an epicanthic fold, and only one eyelid crease. However, he *doesn`t* look half asleep. Having one eyelid crease does not equal looking like your eyes are half shut. However, if you do look half asleep, gluing your eyelids so that they crease in a specific spot can be a remedy if you don`t want the risks of surgery.

    Are there women doing it just to conform to the current image of beauty? Of course. But that doesn`t mean that there is nothing more to it.

  26. I came in here all fired up about this “western-style” crease, and then I got thoroughly educated. It was quite lovely, actually, and I’m glad to know it isn’t an imitation of western eyes.

    I still think it sucks, though. I’m usually against cosmetic procedures that try to change one’s natural biological appearance to fit a cultural standard. I don’t mean piercings/tattoos, which just add something to your appearance instead of trying to change it, and I don’t mean makeup or high heels, which are only mild, topical changes. I mean stuff like boob jobs and, well…gluing your eyelids. I’m sure folks could pick nits with this stance, but you get the general argument.

    Stuff like that is mainly used to make people (especially women) feel bad about themselves so that they’ll buy some stupid, wholly unnecessary crap. Like eyelid glue.

  27. @29 Clifford

    Sorry, poor choice of words. I couldn’t think of the right way to describe the lid structure common to many east asian eyes. “Slanted” does sound a bit rude, but it’s a result of a void in my vocabulary, not of any bigotry.

    Actually, I didn’t know until reading this thread now that the structure I’m thinking of is called an “epicanthic fold.” Thanks, Boing Boing!

  28. I’m half-Chinese, half-English, and I don’t have an epicanthic fold. (Nor does my Chinese Dad.) I’m heartily glad not to have one *not* because it makes me look Caucasian (nothing could do that given the shape of my face, nose and eyes – and I like that), but because it means I can wear eye make-up that a lot of my friends with epicanthic folds can’t wear without smudging and smearing. There’s no imperialist white-man envy going on here. Just a wish to wear kohl eyeliner and not have it come off on the lower brow.

  29. Japanese fashion magazines are full of these ads for “rounder eyes” that will make you look more “awake”, just next to the ads for diet pills which help you loose a fantastic amount of weight in a really short time and similiar scams.
    It’s a fashion thing, somewhere else women get their chins/noses/whatevers done – as to why, I have no idea because I generally think people look better without surgery.

  30. @2: Odd that you decide American-born Asian women marry Caucasian men because of some kind of psychological flaw, but don’t consider that a marriage clearly demands the consent of both parties — are Caucasian men, conversely, full of cultural and racial self-loathing so they shun Caucasian women and marry Asian women? Ah, but who would hate being Caucasian — it’s the best thing that could happen to a person!

    A more logical way of reasoning would be to say that American-born women, Asian or not, tend to marry people who share their cultural interests and social values — most probably, American-born men … who tend to be Caucasian because that’s the dominant ethnic group in the United States.

    Take your rubbish conceit elsewhere.

  31. X to the 6th power:

    “Asian women are not filled with self-hatred and/or shame of their culture and/or appearances”

    Are white women also filled with self hatred as they whore up their daughters at 11, color their hairs, label their butts Juicy, suffer from anorexia/bilimia etc?

    “you gotta feel bad for the seemingly normal asian dudes who are perfectly happy being asian”

    Don’t feel bad for us. We feel bad for your ignorance.

  32. Oh, the ignorance! White, dries clear, easily removable. It’s clearly PVA glue. That guy who thought it was superglue…he’s in for a whole world of eyeball-desiccation in the very near future.

    Good luck, superglue boy :)

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