Fun book: The Modern Con Man -- How to Get Something for Nothing


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  1. cayton says:

    I’m a big fan of “Catch me if you Can.” It is very interesting to see how this guy pulled off some amazing cons. It’s also a movie, loosely based on the true story. I liked both.

  2. forgeweld says:

    Is there any reason the default link for books is to Amazon, rather than Powell’s, say, or another store? Is there a sponsorship driving that?

  3. A New Challenger says:

    @Forgeweld: They are affiliate links. Look at the end of the URL.

    Does the “holding a burning match upside down” one involve holding the match right-side up while you yourself are upside down?

    My favorite is the old bar con, “I bet you a dollar I can drink that glass of whiskey without touching the glass.”

  4. Liquidhal says:

    My guess is it involves pulling out one of those foot-long fireplace matches.

  5. The Lizardman says:

    Todd is a great man and a good friend of mine – though I may have to have a friendly word with him about that ‘last sideshow entertainer’ ad claim :) Anything he does is always very entertaining and well worth the cost of admission.

    Another great book that should have been in your list is How to Cheat at Everything by Simon Lovell

    @4 Don’t think too hard that is how people tend to get taken, perfectly easy to do it with an ordinary short match

  6. Takuan says:

    it’s all in the patter. Give people some entertainment and they won’t mind you taking their money. Usually.

  7. edgeward says:

    I loved Harry Anderson’s take on this theme, “Games you can’t lose: A guide for suckers”.
    Link to Amazon page:

  8. obdan says:

    If I buy the book,.. I a sucker?

  9. weatherman says:

    I’ve always been more a fan of the long con genre – anyone know of a similar book about that side of the con?

    Incidently, for those who haven’t seen it the BBC show “Hustle” which played on AMC in the US is actually pretty good. A mix of short and long cons with some fun twists. Well, the first season anyway, and only up to the point where they get all moralistic. But it’s worth watching if you like the con genre.

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