Watchpeanuts: Watchmen as Charles M Schulz drawings


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  1. WaveyDave says:

    Ground floor coming up !

    Snoopy as Rorschach, that has made my day.

  2. IronyElemental says:

    Hmm, Linus is Lucy’s brother. Comedian is Silk Spectre’s father. Watchpeanuts’ family reunions must be a little weird.

  3. Comedian says:

    Well done Earth Man, well done.

  4. Aaron T. says:

    I thought Pigpen as Rorschach seemed the obvious choice, given their common lack of hygiene.

  5. gATO says:

    Fantastic! I love Snoopy’s pose, it’s great!

    Is it me, or did the artist sort of went for the 60′s look of the characters? Lucy, in particular.

  6. Metostopholes says:

    I’m sure I’ve seen this done before, with Pigpen as Rorschach, Linus as Dr. Manhattan, Charlie Brown as Nite Owl and Snoopy as The Comedian…

  7. Richard Wymarc says:

    Gonna need a new keyboard…

    I now have an image running through my head of the animated version (dah di-dah di-di-dah, dah-dah)

    However, we need Lucy as the psychologist. I see Peppermint Patty is the Silk Spectre.

    Poor Linus.

  8. Shawn Wolfe says:

    he got Silk Spectre (hard-bitten) and Rorshack (hallucinating lone dog) and Ozymandias (blonde over-achieving pretty boy) right enough

    Charlie Brown should be the self-doubting Night Owl
    Linus should be the all-knowing all-seeing Doc Manhattan
    Peppermint Patty should be the pushy arrogant Comedian

  9. Samurai Gratz says:

    I think I would have made Linus the Nite Owl. Both characters seem so sad to me, so meek and second-rate. Pig Pen would have made a nice Comedian too – they’re both down and dirty.

  10. Samurai Gratz says:

    You know, in my nitpicky criticism, I failed to mention how totally awesome this is. Thanks for posting it, and kudos to the mind behind it.

  11. abb3w says:

    Just seconding the thought by Samurai Gratz about the mappings; it was my first reaction. But still, seriously cool.

    A quick Google Image search turns up a Peanuts Justice League pic here.

  12. Apreche says:

    This is the greatest thing I have seen all day.

  13. JamesMason says:

    Charles Schulz had a completely different worldview – now that would be a fascinating difference to explore.

  14. Avram says:

    Seen X-Nuts (featuring Good ol’ Charlie Xavier)?

  15. Antinous says:

    So, Underwear Peanuts?

  16. Mister N says:

    hmm. awesome and well done

  17. Earth Man says:

    Oh. My. God. That is so freaking awesome.

    “Time is a intricate jewel, in which every moment is visible simultaneously in the whole, though people insist on viewing it one facet at a time. I’m there now, 10 years ago, not kicking the football. 100 minutes into my future I see myself here, now, watching myself not kick the football…”

  18. Chris Tucker says:

    In a similar vein, The Simpsons had Moore at a signing in Springfield.

    Milhouse asked him to sign his copy of Watchmen Babies: V for Vacation.

    Link to image on Skitch.

    And may FSM have mercy on their servers!

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