Burglar played dead at funeral home

On Tuesday, a man broke into a funeral parlor in Madrid Spain. When police arrived, he tried to hide by playing dead in a glass chamber used for viewings. The cops nabbed him anyway. From the Associated Press:
"The custom here is for dead people to be dressed in suits, in nice clothes that look presentable. This guy was in everyday clothes that were wrinkled and dirty," the police official said...

"He was trying to fake being dead, but he was breathing," she said.
Link (via Fortean Times)


  1. Well, when Spanish prisons are infested with zombies because the cops brought in the wrong man, on their heads be it!

    Incidentally, if I saw a corpse breathing I would probably shit myself.

  2. would have been better if they had pretended to be fooled, closed the lid and said loudly; ” OK the crematorium is ready”

  3. Corpses sit up / move / appear to be breathing all the time. It’s gases changing / muscles fidgeting sort of thing. Like cockroaches.

    That said, if he’d just been a handsome robber!

  4. Ahem, the news agency is in Madrid, but the place where the parlor is located is at Burjassot, almost 400 km away, and placed near the mediterranean sea ;)

  5. Takuan,
    As often as cremation has cropped up in our conversation, I don’t believe you’ve told me the standard crematorium joke.

  6. oh hello there! It’s a chestnut but a good one; whenever the crematory has new staff (or suitable victim visitors), they are invited over the furnace and shown the mica peephole (or modern equivalent viewport). The set up is that they are told that the flame level has to be monitored. What they are not told is that the heat will draw the ligaments tight and make the corpse appear to try to sit up. Much hilarity ensues at the critical moment of course.

    This is one of the reasons why I wish to be either buried at sea or consumed at a banquet of friends.

  7. Takuan,
    And I thought our new hire procedures were malevolent!

    I’m going for ‘donation’ for my body, but now I’m considering the second. Can’t be too selfish.

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