Friends With You's Wish Come True toys

Design collective Friends With You and wonderful toy maker Strangeco created this delightful series of characters called Wish Come True. Like old-school Weebles, the toys rock back and forth. Each one also has a little bell chime inside. Unlike most designer toys, Wish Come True characters are safe for little kids 18 months and up. I know my two-year-old will dig them! Link to Strangeco, Link to Wish Come True video


  1. @EDSELPDX, your Amazon link had a type-o in it. Here’s the correct Link. That looks like a fun book!


    Takuan, stop destroying my childhood memories!

    I would play with these and I’m 17.


    I will go into the zoo! I want to see it, yes I do.

  3. Well, you can’t hit me with one since they chime a warning, and I can absorb them if you try to poke me, so it won’t work.

  4. Fie on you!

    Off to bed, now. Still an innocent girl and all that who watches Winnie the Pooh and has no idea what Ben Wa Balls are.

  5. They’re adorable and the video makes me happy (in a completely innocent and nonsexual way, y’all), but trying to parse this post’s title nearly exploded my head.

  6. So I completely flipped out today when, while doing a google search for King Albino, I found videos of the Friends With You -designed King Albino hotel room, room #102, in Hotel Fox, Copenhagen, Denmark.

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