Fun 1981 sci-fi home movie: Asteroid

James Leatham says:


Remember me?

The Apple //e computer animation . The film described in the Flickr posts of CineMagic Magazine has been 'special editioned' and posted in its entirety at Google Video.

That's me near the end as a government official.



  1. Come one Mark, I bet you’ve got a pic just like that somewhere. You’re holding out on us!

  2. Wow, when I saw “home movie” I had much lower expectations for the production quality of this film (higher than a few sci-fi movies I’ve seen lampooned on Mystery Science Theater 3000, like Space Mutiny). For a 1981 “home movie” to have decent looking space suits and spaceship interiors, wow! Wait, was that a cinder-block wall in the spaceship? Ha, seeing a brick wall in Space Mutiny was something that always stuck in my mind…

  3. That was great! It was just cheesy enough to be fun, and the music track was excellent. #4 is right, I’ve seen much worse stuff on MST3K. Great job.

  4. That’s me in the photo.
    Thanks for all the comments thus far.
    We had fun making it. I think that shows.
    Be sure to go to the flickr page for the ‘the making of’.
    The text is readable at maximum size.
    The comments of some pics link to YouTube clips.
    (Go to the last of the flickr pics also.)

    Play the video past the credits for the bloopers.

    #2: You must be great at find-a-word.
    #4: Maybe they’re very light bricks? A brick motif wallpaper?

    I can’t help seeing the flaws.
    The film had deteriorated somewhat before the transfer to DVD.
    The computer graphics didn’t always have a monitor around them, nor did my scene.
    The GenMet ship interiors should have had three times the lighting they did.

    At the time home video was in its infancy and video editing prohibitivity expensive.

    I think it came out well, considering.

  5. I used to do some 8 and 16mm filmmaking in the late 1970’s; had these glorious dreams for awhile. I remember when CineMagic had those contests (that was also when Starlog magazone was in its early years and littered with real science stories; those were the days). BTW, when did CineMagic fold?
    Thanks for the trip down memory lane. Wow!

  6. Howdy again!

    The Google video is the best copy, but the YouTube
    version is still up, now with annoying annotations.

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