Wallpaper from Disney World's Polynesian resort

Mister Jalopy sez, "Auction for banana leaf wallpaper that was destined for the Polynesian Hotel at Walt Disney World. When Cory builds the True Fan Enchanted Tiki Room, this will be perfect for the powder room!" Link (Thanks, Mister Jalopy!)


  1. I have fond memories of my family and I going too far on the monorail and ending up at Polynesian Village, and wandering around it, going WTF is this?

  2. OR, you could just get out your paints and do it yourself!

    /Come on, “crafty” people. Sheesh.

  3. I think that wallpaper was retro-hot. I just got some.

    The people at FARK disagreed, here was one comment

    Can’t you just glue some paper towels to the wall?

    Everyone’s an art critic.

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