Marriage proposal as patent application


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  1. PeaceRant says:

    This story is a stub. Did she say yes or what?

  2. Kyle Goetz says:

    @#7 Peacerant:

    She said yes. If you’ll read the second-to-last claim:
    “In the ideal situation where Ellie accepts the diamond ring, Ryan should sign the patent application and deposit the patent application with the United States Postal Service.”

    His filing the patent application was contingent upon her saying yes. Seeing as how he filed the application, she must have said yes.

    Also, I’m a huge IP dork for reading the entire application. Jiminy Schneikies, it’s awesome.

  3. noen says:

    I’m going to patent a method for divorce. I got that part down.

  4. jrishel says:

    so, does that mean their marriage is reproducible by others after a 14 year government granted monopoly?

  5. knodi says:

    @ #2 – Hey, Cory and Crew: Maybe a change to the engine, so that when a comment is deleted, it keeps its number, but just shows the word “deleted”? Or maybe it doesn’t show up at all?

    But considering how many people respond to other comments by comment #, it’s confusing to renumber the rest of them.

    But, re: the patent application proposal: Original ideas are getting harder and harder to come by! No matter how silly this guy’s plan is, you gotta give him props for that.

  6. kahomono says:

    THIS finally got my wife to acknowledge that I am officially NOT the geekiest person in the world.

    Also, quoth she, “I hope she said ‘No.’”

  7. Teresa Nielsen Hayden / Moderator says:

    Knodi @5, we’d do it if we could, but that’s not how Movable Type handles things.

  8. butfirst says:

    At first I thought, “Odd, but kinda sweet and at least original.” But then I started to think of mail-order brides as having an EULA and I made myself sad. I’m going to go play with something shiny now to make myself feel better.

  9. dculberson says:

    @#2 (Ft Myers, etc): I think you mis-typed! You meant to say “We are Ft Myers Spamming Photographers!”

  10. Kaiguy says:

    Wow, this is almost as self-referential and metafictional as David Foster Wallace’s “Octet.” Also, I got a mail order bride after reading this story. The Czech’s in the mail.

  11. 3Pac10 says:

    While this is sweet, it immediately got my patent agent/soon-to-be patent lawyer mind got rolling. It’s probably novel, useful and nonobvious, but if you’re going to the trouble to propose marriage via patent application, at least you’d write some cleaner claims.

  12. qubex says:

    Nice way to tie up our patent office with even more trivial bullshit. I mean, romantic in it’s own retarded way, much like people at sports games who get the camera to zoom in as they go down on one knew with a panicked look on their face and the soon-to-be-ex-girlfriend nodding and saying yes so that it doesn’t ruin the game you’re seeing.. But still.

    In case you’re wondering about the patent submitter, here is his profile:

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