Boss of F1 Grand Prix racing in Nazi-themed sex orgy scandal

Max Mosley, big boss of Grand Prix motor racing, is hit with calls to resign because of an internet video that appeared to show him participating in an S&M orgy with five presumed prostitutes, in a London dungeon:
[Image removed following 2015 legal threat from Max Mosley's lawyers]

The tabloid newspaper that broke the story of Mr. Mosley’s Chelsea session, The News of the World, described it as “a depraved Nazi sadomasochistic orgy,” and said Mr. Mosley had paid the equivalent of $5,000 in cash for the five-hour session.

In a video the paper posted on the Internet but later removed, two of the women wore black-and-white striped robes in the style of prisoners’ uniforms. The video showed Mr. Mosley counting in German – “Eins! Zwei! Drei! Vier! Funf!” – as he used a leather strap to lash one of the women.

“She needs more of ze punishment!” he cried in German-accented English. One woman appeared to search his hair for lice while another called off items on an inspection list. Mr. Mosley, naked, was bound face-down and lashed more than 20 times.

Link to NYT story; Jalopnik has pix and video.


  1. this published in a country where celebrities are quite rightly not allowed to name whom they’ve shagged with in the past due to it being a violation of the other parties privacy? This is no one’s damn business and shame on the rat-fink who leaked the tape and shame on the rag that ran the pictures. Why should anyone care?

    How about we talk about the REAL torture videos – sent to the bush white house so that simpering piece of human garbage could watch the action live?

  2. again! my lovingly crafted, witty-yet-dirty post referencing traditional kinky politico, nazi sex, John Cleese and saving young ladies through education … vanished in the posting hole!

    does this have anything to do with posting history order now being reversed?

  3. speaking german does not equal being a nazi.

    The article doesn’t mention any swastikas or SS outfits so I’m afraid this is just going to be one of those really boring normal sex scandals.

  4. I would have to agree with Chromal, #3: *yawn*.

    This isn’t exactly a snuff film. So the guy is kinky in ways that aren’t exactly main-stream. What business is it of mine (or anyone’s, really?)

  5. Pauldrye, Max Mosley is actually Oswald Mosley’s son which is part of why this is such a big deal. His father founded the British fascist party.

    All of this said, I’m Jewish and I don’t see why all these Jewish and other groups are condemning him. Given his history he clearly has unresolved issues with the Nazis (he took part previously in criticizing German automakers who were involved with the Nazis). People have strange ways of coping with things, apparently he handles his strained relationship with his father with some sort of weird sexualization. And it isn’t like he’s even only taking part as a Nazi but also takes part as a prisoner in one part. That’s really his own business. I’d much rather he do that with consenting adults then actually promote Nazism or such. He clearly understands that Nazism is bad, feels guilty about and also given his family has a weird set of kinks about it. Fine. Now let him get on with his life.

  6. “Man Enjoys Himself Perfectly Legally, and Pays Well for It!”

    Why is this news? I mean, I can see it being on BB because it might have been wonderful for those involved, either for the pleasure or the payment. And it is wonderful that we live in a world where people can enjoy themselves in ways that might seem to some of us more than a little odd (kinky sex I can kinda understand, but don’t get me started on NASCAR… those people are sick)

    But what exactly about this would make him unfit to be in charge of the F1 world?

    What is it about humans that makes what other people do with each other sexually so damned important? I swear I will never understand this species. Ever.

  7. To put this in context, his father founded the British fascist party, his mother was a good friend of hitler, and the scenes were supposedly roleplayed as in a concentration camp:

    For somebody who is as much a public figure as him that barely qualifies as his “private business”.

    (still I concur with the yawns on this)

  8. the part they don’t mention is how everyone involved was laughing so hard they could barely stand.

    Ever see that Betty Page movie?

  9. vanished in the posting hole

    I’ve been signed out three times today. You’re probably being signed out and unwittingly posting as anonymous. I lost a comment, too.

  10. #2 Darue, no one mentioned torture up until now, despite what I would imagine to be unimaginable torture at being forced to watch these videos.

    Nonetheless, thank you for your activism. If you will proceed to the small room over here, yes, the one with no windows? Punch and pie are being served.

  11. A great day for sex scandal videos. David Vitter, the Family Values GOP politician/gay bathroom sex practitioner from Louisiana gave a brief statement to the press today, then abruptly left, backing his car into a sign pole on the way out. I watched that part five times. Comedy gold.

  12. I’ve lost a couple of posts today as well, and been told that I got the wording wrong. I could have sworn we’d requested that the “you said it wrong” diagnostic message be permanently disabled. Lord only knows how many other people have gotten that message today, and decided that we have content-based filtering that disallowed their comment.

    Unequal power relationships are a staple of sexual fantasies. Nazis and concentration camps are sure to show up. I’ll admit it’s titillating to have the son of Oswald Mosley and Diana Mitford (one of the five remarkable daughters of the Old Mitford) be the one caught at it, but powerful men tend to go in for such scenarios.

    I find my biggest disagreement is with Tom @11, who said Max Mosley paid well for it. Five professional sex-work specialists (plus support staff) for a five-hour session, for only US$5,000? They must have been giving him a package rate.

  13. This post confused me too. What does this have to do with BB Gadgets? Is this site turning into another celebrity scandal site? Seriously… who cares?

  14. ironclad – the link is the real thing being all too ignored vs. for-fun torture having a run all over the internet for the last three days. pie and punch? I’d rather have a burrito.

  15. Well, at least there’s one post about Formula 1 on BoingBoing…I’ve been reading for a long time, and given the tech heavy side of the sport, I would have expected more.

    At any rate, this has become a big issue in the sport since Formula 1 is one of those sports that’s very worldwide in nature. You have drivers from many countries, race in 17 or 18 countries each year, and for the president of the FIA to be caught in something as racially charged as this, it becomes a big issue. Recently, there were problems in Spain with Spanish fans shouting racial slurs at Lewis Hamilton, an extremely successful rookie who also happens to be the first black driver in the sport, during testing at Jerez. The FIA has embarked on a big anti-racism campaign in reaction, and this does not help their position any.

    Beyond that, at the most recent race in Bahrain, the crown prince told Mosley that he was not welcome in their country for the event, meaning the president of the governing body could not attend one of the events of their top-tier sport. It certainly didn’t help that he reportedly called the head of Formula One Management, Bernie Ecclestone, and shouted an abusive tirade against the crown prince and the country itself, all while said prince sat next to Bernie and overheard the entire conversation.

    It’s been good times for us F1 fans. I have to admit, I’d love to see Mosley ousted, but mostly for his ridiculous rule changes and the way he’s nearly driven what makes the sport great out of things. The rules about regenerative braking: good, the rules about engine development freezes? Bad.

  16. OOPS! Wrong misbehaving GOP Family Values politician. My bad. Vitter hired prostitutes from the DC Madam. The one who propositioned a cop in a public restroom was Bob Allen, of Fla. Or rather, the other one who did, other than Larry Craig.

  17. Nebodin, Max Mosley getting caught putting on a fake German accent whilst flogging and being flogged in the company of five professionals, a couple of whom were in concentration camp getup, is not your everyday little Hollywood celebrity scandal. It has historical resonance, and ironic overtones. Admittedly, it doesn’t have quite the scope of the Right Hon. Alan Clark having simultaneous affairs with the wife and both daughters of a South African judge; but at least Mosley’s not going to excuse himself on the grounds that he only spent twenty minutes in the commission of his sin, as some American evangelists have done when they were busted.

  18. Hah, they should check those 3 hour plane trips paid with public funds some politicians like to do. After all this one is just an old rich guy setting rules in some fancy and glamourous car racing world, not the place one would expect to host and spread high moral and ethics.

  19. #27 – F1 has become a showcase for some of the premier car companies in the world who spend millions trying to show their technology is the best. Toyota reportedly spends over half a billion each year on their effort. You’d best believe that there are expectations of high morals and ethics in that environment, nobody wants their effort reflected upon that badly.

    Whether that’s a worthy motivation is something for another discussion entirely, but I can assure you, the playboy attitude that used to dominate grand prix racing is long, long gone.

  20. Hmmm something makes me think $5,000 for what he got wasn’t really a bad deal for all parties involved. Heck those girls in the Czech republic who run the OWK demand a WHOLE lot more than a paltry $5,000, they demand real obedience and absolute loyalty for life.

  21. You know, I don’t really care about the “moral issues”, but I think it’s spectacularly funny for the head of the world’s richest sport to be caught in such an over-the-top, tawdry sexcapade. If Jackie Collins included a scene like this in her latest novel, it wouldn’t be believable. Fantastic stuff. Ideally, the drama of whether he steps down or not will draw out for months, years.

  22. face it. the nazi’s had hot outfits.

    its like saying people with rape fantasies are rapists.

  23. Explain again how this is any more scandalous than an unexceptional cheating tryst at a motel followed by a D&D game?

  24. I think we should have a BoingBoing competition: The Most Degrading Sex Fantasy Bust I Should Like to be Caught In.

    (for starters, I need two loaves of french bread and a boy scout uniform…)

  25. The best part about this story is the NY Times headline:

    “Possible Nazi Theme of Grand Prix Boss’s Orgy Draws Calls to Quit”

    How does anyone see that headline and NOT click it?

    It’s a virtual spit take generator.

  26. Bad costumes, terrible faux german, and more than two people make this event a “NAZI theme[d] orgy.” And there are calls for resignation.

    But Abu Ghraib– with real costumes, worse english, and more than two people– and. . . nothing. . .

    Could people please learn to distinguish personal, private sex from political, ethically suspect sex AND demand resignations accordingly?

  27. #13: Yes, it is entirely the private business of those involved. #26: No, it doesn’t have “historical resonance” or “ironic overtones”, or any other aspects of public performance. It was not a public performance. It was an entirely private matter, and no one who was not involved can have any complaint against it. It’s like a camera in your bedroom, and the rest of the world discussing the face you make when you orgasm.

    #9 (and others): Absolutely agree.

  28. Hmmmm, so 20 years from now, New Cuba can sell the Camp X-Ray remains to Jenna Bush. Apparently, Nazi itches need elaborate scratching.

  29. Somewhere Ron Dennis (boss of the McLaren team, which Mosley fined $100 million) and Sir Jackie Stewart (a racing legend, former F1 champion and safety advocate Mosley called a “certified half-wit”) are LOLing.

    I’m moderately-serious follower of F1 (yawn if you want), and I think my opinion of Mosley actually *rose* because of this “scandal.”

  30. I keep thinking of Elvis Costello:

    Oswald and his sister are doing it again
    They’ve got the finest home movies that you have ever seen
    They’ve got a thousand variations giving service with a smile
    They’re gonna take a little break and they’ll be back in a while
    Well I heard that South America is coming back in style

    (And yes, the “Oswald” there is Mosely.)

    That said, it’s more than a little unfortunate that all of the opprobrium is clustering around this prominent and powerful man’s choice of iconography, and none of it on the fact that he’s paying women for sex. Which is not, you know, a morally-neutral act.

  31. Bah, I had to create an account just to express how disappointed I am with BB for posting this.

    It’s entirely appropriate to expose hypocrites caught doing stuff they publicly condemn, like, say, Ted Haggard. But Mosley is, at least to my knowledge, not such a person, and I don’t understand why you thinks it’s cool to make fun of him.

    Make fun of the narrow-minded people who ridicule other people’s sexual fantasies instead. That’s the kind of stuff I come here for, at least.

    (One can of course disagree with the man for using prostitutes, but that doesn’t seem to be what the BB story is about at all.)

  32. disappointed? this is a TECH story

    “a miniature camera was concealed in the one of the women’s brassieres.”

  33. Given the frequency with which sex-related scandals emerge, I think we should rethink our conception of “deviant.”

  34. just depends where you live. I’ll bet there’s a dozen countries where this rates five minutes of news

  35. STIANG and others – The major point is that Max Mosley’s father was Oswald Mosley, the founder of the British Fascist party in Britain.
    I’m hugely disappointed with Mr Mosley as I’ve spent years defending him from accusations of being a Nazi by association because of his father. I’m a strong believer in not blaming a child for the sins of the father but he’s blown any sympathy because of this.
    I’ve always thought he was a prime tosser but that you shouldn’t use his father’s inadequacies against him.

    A sex scandal on it’s own would have been wrong for BB to post about but the context of this one is what makes it interesting/disappointing.
    Now you can all go back to your Nascar racing driving rounds in circles.

  36. I don’t wanna be held in your London dungeon.

    It took 47 comments before anyone noticed this? Really? Glenn Danzig must be rolling in his grave.

  37. @ #46
    I am not sure it’s really fair to judge someones political standings based on his sexuality…I don’t know Mr. Mosley…But sexual play involving Domination or even specific character roleplay (ie Nazi Themed) does not make it real any more than pretending to be Superman and Lois Lane will give you the ability to fly…


  38. I find it amusing that Godwin’s Law was fulfilled here even before the first comment! ;-)

    Kinda like this.

  39. Normally I don’t care about the personal lives of others. But in this case Mosley as president of the FIA has the task of enforcing rules that more or less require that all the other participants of F1 racing not bring the sport into disrepute (my words). How can he possibly do that now?

    Time for him to go…

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    smll dbl stndrd…

  41. BB Boy, please read my post above. How can he judge others who may be accused of damaging F1’s image?

    For those who follow F1, imagine if the person in the video had been Ron Dennis (whose company received a $100M fine from Mosley last year). Do you think Mosley would be supportive, or call for his ouster?

    I agree with the comments about a double standard, but as the saying goes, live by the sword, die by the sword.

  42. @#46: I understand that it’s newsworthy if Mosley could actually be shown to have Nazi sympathies. But sexual role play, even Nazi-themed, doesn’t show that.

    In any case, I have a strong feeling that we wouldn’t see this post if it couldn’t be juiced up with “scandalous” pictures and links to more media files.

  43. that’s what happens when you bring a million dollar lawsuit against rupert murdoch…

  44. Tom, the high end of the sex industry charges a lot. The women at the Emperor’s Club (patronized by former NY governor Eliot Spitzer) charge $1000/hour each at the low end, but some go up to $5500/hour. So five of them for five hours would start at $25k.

  45. Yes, I think teresa has it right – I read it as Him paying $5000.00 total, so that’s 1000 per professional, or $200.00/hour. Which is pretty cheap for specialists in a fully equipped setting. Which might explain how the news got out, come to think of it…

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  47. Tom @55, what Avram said. I’d be truly surprised if the establishment didn’t have backup staff standing by the entire time; plus (as you yourself noted) site overhead, equipment, cleanup, et cetera. Since complex BDSM roleplaying scenes tend to be pricey even if the customer has only engaged one performer for an hour or two, $5,000 is a very reasonable rate for a five-hour production the size of Max Mosley’s.

    All that said, I’ll agree with your basic point: it’s a hell of a lot of money to pay to get one’s jollies. I expect the size and style of it are more an indulgence than a necessity, since ever so many people scrape by on just a single nazi-togged dominatrix.

    A number of readers have commented on the privacy issue. I thoroughly agree in principle: we should all be able to rely on our privacy being respected.

    However. If you’re (1.) Oswald Mosley’s son, and (2.) you have a high-visibility sports management job, where you (3.) exhort others to not bring the sport into disrepute, and you (4.) levy huge fines if they do; and in the course of this job, you’ve (5.) gotten up Rupert Murdoch’s nose; and meanwhile, you’re (6.) treating yourself to elaborate Nazi-themed BDSM scenes enacted by (7.) a half-dozen or more sex workers in a commercial dungeon…

    …you’re either culpably stupid, or you’re deliberately mooning Misfortune and daring her to come get you. People who are vulnerable to gossip ought not conduct titillating private affairs in front of hired strangers.

    Latest news is that Mosley is suing for invasion of privacy. I’d say he has a case, though even a victory in court won’t undo the damage. (See Takuan’s latest link.) What I can’t see is Mosley being surprised that this has happened. As Ben Franklin famously observed, three people can keep a secret if two of them are dead. Under the circumstances, it was inevitable that a story as gossipworthy as Max Mosley doing Nazi BDSM scenes was going to get out, and just as inevitable that it was going to spread.

    Teresa Nielsen Hayden
    Moderator, Boing Boing

  48. I expect the size and style of it are more an indulgence than a necessity, since ever so many people scrape by on just a single nazi-togged dominatrix.

    Huh! In my day, we’d have to scrape pennies all year to barely afford a single aged harridan whacking us with a broom while dressed in a hand-me-down squadrista outfit. Nazis, cor, we use ter dream of Nazis!

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