Hippie cult extravaganza this week


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  1. buddy66 says:

    I don’t want to be overly picky, but as a 1965-67 resident of the Haight I assure you it’s spelled hippie, not hippy. A hippy is maybe a beatnik with a fat ass, but a hippie is what we called young wannabes seeking to be hip. And BEATNIK is of course a word we never used.

  2. BEAUTIFUL says:

    Last summer was the 40th anniversary of the Summer of Love – now THAT would have been a perfect time for a reunion…

    but since they were from the early 70s, they probably don’t identify with the 67 Haight-Ashbury crowd

  3. gbv23 says:

    The book is quite good, its not all that culty or scary.

    I believe Skyy Saxxon from The Seeds played with those cats.

  4. hughelectronic says:

    I think this group is referenced in the film “Commune”, which is about a hippy commune north of San Francisco which was founded by the scrappy radical group the Diggers (one of which is the actor Peter Coyote). Their happy commune was totally disrupted by another communal group with creepy anti-family brainwashing techniques which I think was The Source. You can find “Commune” online or through netflix — it’s a really honest document and worth watching.

  5. hughelectronic says:

    I was wrong — the cult referenced in “Commune” was called Shiva Lila. Can’t find any info about them online except reference to the film.

  6. Cowicide says:

    You douse water on that alligator in Japan and he walks on his hind legs. You douse water on a dirty source hippy and they scurry under a rock and pray you don’t have soap. Strange.

  7. bs says:

    That’s my favorite cult!
    Already have my tickets for the Knitting Factory show…hoping to go see the presentation on the 8th too.
    There is also a book signing at Other Music before the show.
    The book is great, with lots of amazing photos.
    I didn’t know about the NPR series but I will check it out for sure!

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