Steampunk robot wedding-cake topper


5 Responses to “Steampunk robot wedding-cake topper”

  1. JakeTheSnake says:

    This is pretty neat.

    But Cory, if you weren’t busy blogging about every glued together piece of steampunked nik-gnak from your high altitude balloon, you could have built up your own navy of coal powered submarines by now …

    I’m so much cooler than you, I get the internet via a modified RFC1149 connection (IP via Tursiops truncatus).

  2. Agent 86 says:

    Now I want to see what kind of monstrosity of a cake this would sit upon.

  3. ymr049c says:

    Aww! They look so happy!

  4. Jake von Slatt says:

    JakeTheSnake@#1 – ROTFLMAO!

    ymr049c@#3 – They do look happy, don’t they!?

  5. caketoppers says:

    the robots are cute….but to see the wedding cake topper of Transformer kingpin Optimus Prime to Miss Smurf…and many other custom made sculptures visit or the blog dedicated to wedding cake toppers

    …even weirder…have made a living creating this type of figurines for over 30 years…

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