April 8, 1953: first big Hollywood 3D film


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  1. BEAUTIFUL says:

    Now lets see someone try to put THAT on YouTube

  2. Antinous says:

    But six months later, Kiss Me Kate was released in 3-D. Eye-blindingly colorful and 3-Delicious. Bob Fosse dances in it and Ann Miller sings a song with the refrain “dick, dick, dick, a dick, dick, a dick, dick.” Best viewed at the Castro Theater on acid with a bottle of poppers handy.

  3. buddy66 says:

    ‘I am a girl who will marry (who will marry very quick)
    ‘Any Tom, Dick or Harry, any Tom, Harry or Dick.
    ‘I want a Dick Dick Dick, I want a Dick Dick Dick,
    ‘I want a Dick…’

    Cole Porter being sexually subversive in 1948.

  4. TulsaTV says:

    The refrain “dick, dick, dick, a dick, dick, a dick, dick” might work better in a later 3D blockbuster, “The Stewardesses”:


  5. takeshi says:

    Interestingly, 3D photos have been around since the 1800s. I was surprised to learn that there are 3D photographs of the Lincoln conspirators being hung.

  6. JamesMason says:

    Misidentified photo –

    They’re all watching an atom bomb explode.

  7. se7a7n7 says:

    Back then, many in the movie industry thought that all movies would soon be in 3D. Seriously!

  8. yotta says:

    Don’t forget Bwana Devil (1952). http://us.imdb.com/title/tt0044462
    Leaping lions and Anscocolor. Maybe it wasn’t a big studio production but who really cares.

  9. Rob Cruickshank says:

    And note the polarized glasses! None of the big Hollywood releases used anaglyph.

  10. Jake0748 says:

    I always thought (I dunno where I heard it), that Creature from the Black Lagoon was the first Hollywood 3-D movie. I saw it once in a theater, with the glasses, it was cheesy but fun.

  11. Falcon_Seven says:

    IMDB lists the USA premiere date as April 9, 1953:


    Hot on the heels of this release was one of my all-time favorites, ‘It Came From Outer Space’, which was based on a Ray Bradbury short story entitled, ‘The Meteor’. It featured Richard Carlson of ‘The Day The Earth Stood Still’ fame and the always beautiful, Barbara Rush. This film featured excellent 3-D effects which have to be experienced from a good print of the film to be appreciated.

  12. Belinda says:

    They are looking into the future…

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