Aqua Leung

Aqua Leung

I just got a copy of a new 208-page graphic novel from Image called Aqua Leung, by Mark Andrew Smith and Paul Maybury. I have not had a chance to read it yet, but the art is stunning. (Preview here.)

Joe Keating of Image described it this way: "In a nutshell - the royal family of Atlantis is slaughtered, with their murderer taking up the throne. What he doesn't know is their young prince survived and is battling across the ocean to get his revenge." Link


  1. Mark Smith’s one of the best new writers in comics. And I’m not just saying that because he’s my pal. Well, partly. But he writes fun fun comics!

  2. Sounds a bit like Tezuka’s Triton of the Sea. Well, a bit more than a bit – but it looks very neat.

  3. Boy’s family is killed.

    Must avenge family.

    And ride giant worms to do it.

    Err… Dune?

    Still looks interesting, though.

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