Black Flag hair timeline

Here's a fantastic graphic of seminal punk band Black Flag's hairstyles from 1976 to 1986. It seems that I saw them play during their more hirsute days. Follow the link to see the whole picture. Link (Thanks, COOP!)


  1. It’s funny that Chuck is originally referred to as “Gary” (his birth name). The two guitar lineup(s) with Dez were the best (circa “Damaged”), in my pointless opinion.

  2. It just occurred to me– it would be easy for Greg Ginn to have a reunion with “all original members” as there were so many lineups of the band, some of which only lasted a few months (and in fact I’ve heard a lot of younger fans think Henry was the “original” singer — HA).

    Greg could cash in like the Sex Pistols did, if only so many of the other members of the band didn’t hate him so much.

  3. Henry hated Kira so much.

    ill lich Henry wasn’t the original singer but he pretty much made the band. We wouldn’t be looking at this picture if it weren’t for him.

  4. Oh BTW check out that sites “mp3” section. It takes about 5 minutes on broadband to load but there is a ton of great links to music. Fun stuff.

  5. Was Raymond Pettibon really in the band or is he included for the sake of album art?
    My wife says she no longer remembers what kind of hair they had when she saw them play. With the Minutemen!
    She’s so cool, still.

  6. Anthony – Pettibon was very, very briefly in Black Flag at the beginning, on bass.

    Kira from Black Flag and Mike Watt from the Minutemen still play gigs together as Dos. They just did a set in Long Beach on Monday night. IMHO, it’s just about the best thing both of them have done/are doing in their post-Flag/Minutemen days.

  7. Landowner, speak for yourself. Many of us view the addition of Henry as the beginning of the end, especially those who grew up in Southern California with the punk scene. The band was “made” as soon as the SST records came out, not when the shifted to dirge metal and you finally got on board. Keith/Johnny Bob and Chavo/Ron both fronted classic versions of the band without the egotistical histrionic of Rollins. Gap ads indeed. pffft

  8. Ill lich – Greg Ginn did manage to do a three show Black Flag reunion in 2003. The funny thing about it (well, actually there are a lot of funny things about it) was his motivation for doing it was for raising money for his cat rescue charity. Apparently he has up to 100 stray cats in his house at any time.

    From wikipedia—

    In September 2003, Black Flag played three reunion shows, two at the Hollywood Palladium and one at Alex’s Bar in Long Beach, to benefit cat rescue organizations (a current passion of Ginn’s). The line-up for the shows was Dez Cadena on vocals, Greg Ginn on guitar, ROBO on drums, and C’el Revuelta on bass. Professional skateboarder and singer Mike Vallely also sang all the songs from My War at these shows.

  9. Sadly that chart can also double as a “Bonnie’s Musician Boyfriends with Bad Hair Timeline.” Thanks a lot!

  10. The Henry wounds still run deep…
    My favorite album might be the instumental: “Process of Weeding Out”, anyway.

  11. “Apparently he has up to 100 stray cats in his house at any time.”

    Yet another case of toxoplasma gondii.

  12. cecilhayduke: Landowner isn’t just speaking for himself. You remind me of people who insist that the only Pink Floyd worth listening to is the Syd Barrett era. Hey, listen to what you want, but if you have to bring up the Gap ad, you’re forfeiting the argument.

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