Rube Goldberg-esque pool trick shot


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  1. Stuart Ellis says:

    My mother e-mailed this on to me ages ago.

  2. FrankenPengie says:

    domino topple ≠ Rube Goldberg device

  3. Takuan says:

    you must be very proud of her

  4. mmbb says:

    trick setup, not trick shot. where are the masse shots, the rail bounces, any english on the cue ball?

  5. Stuart Ellis says:

    My point was that it’s kinda old news…

    But she is pretty hip for someone in her 60′s…

  6. Antinous says:

    Did you think that this was CNN?

  7. Belac says:

    Good point. Better if he sank all the balls without knocking over any of the dominos.

  8. pumilio says:

    I can only imagine how long that took to set up, time well wasted.

  9. montauk says:

    I’m inclined to agree with MMBB and some of the youtubers (!) – this isn’t really a trick shot. Even as a “Mousetrap” stunt, the ball rolling down the cue is impressive, but everything else is just different configurations of the same technique. I’d like to see the balls enter the pockets of their own volition.

  10. doubleagame says:


  11. twopeak says:

    The funnyest part is the french: 2 men are discussing how great it is. Towards the end a woman says “all this serves nothing, it’s useless” on what the men answer “c’est con une fille“: “woman are dumb/stupid”.

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