Swastika spaghetti not real

Lad magazine Loaded ran a photo of a faux can of Heinz Alphabetti Spaghetti containing noodle swastikas instead of letters. The photo apparently accompanied a "Pointless But True" column about how the food company made the special spaghetti during World War II. Heinz didn't think the gag was particularly funny. The magazine have since issued an apology. From Wigan Today:
A Heinz spokesman said: "Perhaps the article came from one of those weird Internet rumours that are not based on facts...

"We carefully track any references to Heinz and, as soon as the article appeared, we were on to Loaded to make a complaint. We are pleased that the magazine has set the record straight."


  1. See, I GET that Heinz would be irked about that, and that some people still have painful memories of the Nazi era. But at the same time, come on, that’s funny. So I don’t know. Where does the line get drawn? And does it depend largely on how far away from the situation you are?

    I am neither connected to Heinz, or from a family devastated by the Nazis, and (disclaimer) I once spent a fair amount of time ALMOST convincing a friend of mine that there was a canned pasta called ABCs & IUDs that featured, in addition to the letters, little pasta coils and Dalkon shields. (The “T”s could go either way…)

  2. Guys, setting up a Google Alert does not constitute that you “carefully track any references to Heinz.” Seeing as they evidently will see this in their inbox within a couple of days I also want to say ‘hello’ and ‘you have too much sugar in your products’ :)

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