Urban bee keeper video

Matt Fisher made a fun 4-minute documentary about an urban bee keeper named Jon Rolston. Link


  1. I love this kind of humour! Subtle, deadpan, and still makes you think.

    If only SNL could show this type of quiet mastery…

  2. humour? Where?

    Was going to put a few hives in the back last year (do my bit against colony collapse syndrome), this video inspires me to get it together this year. Shouldn’t be more than a couple of hundred for hives, gear etc.

    Now, where did I put that Epipen?

  3. Johnny Rolston represents the awesome creepiness of New Hampshire. Very few people can get away with ‘not speaking Chinese’ as well as he can.

  4. “videro”

    By golly, Mark invented a new word… it rolls off the tongue… Now to figure out what it signifies vs. just plain video.

    viderotic? Videroll? if you get tricked into watching a fake video no youtube, were you viderolled? (A Rickroll is just one example of viderolling.)

  5. I crush the feeble, I grind their flimsy exoskeletons under my iron heel, I drink the blood of their wailing people as I drive them before me on a carpet of tiny skulls….

  6. well, I’m sure if you ask him nicely, he would mail it to you. I can supply some duct tape. One of the Boingers would likely enjoy making a video of it all.

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