Penn and Teller make thousands of bees appear out of "nothing"

Scott sez, "This is a video of Penn and Teller subverting the old 'pull an animal out of the hat' trick by instead producing thousands of bees, including hundreds while ripping apart a stuffed rabbit--take that, kids! I thought of this after seeing the urban beekeeper post. If you want to see loads of bees stinging Penn and Teller, you won't be disappointed." Link (Thanks, Scott!)


  1. Great magicians, obviously, but my God, what an annoying style Penn has. There is a microphone in front of you! We can hear you!!!

  2. Actually, there were almost no stings at all, save for the one on Penn’s arm. Oh, and the one at 3:15 where he spits out the bee that stung him on his tongue.

    That’s right. Penn got stung by a bee ON HIS TONGUE!

    Now, go ahead and tell me just how badly YOUR job sucks!

  3. I have had the GREAT fortune of listening to every Penn Jillette Radio Podcast ever produced. His stories about working with bees were incredible. The best was when they did a stunt like this, and Penn was basically pumped up on stimulants to prevent anaphalaxis/ death from a toxic dose of bee venom. The venom still had an effect that led to, as he put it, much of the outer layers of skin from his genitalia peeling off in his underwear later that night. When he went to the doctor, the doctor accused him of taking poor-quality street drugs, as that was the “only kind of poison” to cause that kind of allergic reaction. This was before Penn mentioned the bees, of course. :)

    (But his ‘hairdryer’ story was better, and made my wife blush!)

  4. Don’t know if this quote is accurate or not, but it’s interesting…

    “Some of our stuff has been a little dangerous,” Penn Jillette (of Penn & Teller fame) once confessed. “I was stung 25 times in a cage with a million bees on an NBC special, and they had to give me speed to get my blood pressure back up. I had an allergic reaction to the venom, and all the skin peeled off my balls… As sexy as that is, we didn’t show it on the special.”


  5. I miss Penn Radio, I only caught on just before the show was cancelled. Too bad they don’t seem to be preserved anywhere.

  6. Here’s the radio episode where Penn told this story.

    It’s followed by another great story about a party he threw that almost ended in disaster because he invited both a chimp and a dwarf. He actually had to finish the story the next day. Click “Prev” to get to April 12, because the episodes are indexed backwards.

    This was an important landmark for the show, because a week later there was another primate-related story, which in turn sparked the months-long tradition known as “Monkey Tuesday”, leading to many brilliant stories by callers, many of which were completely ruined by delay dumps. For example, they bleeped out the word “nipple” in the “A Monkey Bit Off My Nipple” story.

  7. I vote that Penn’s P3n)$ Peeling as a consequence of this stunt should be added to the blurb. Brings watching their performance to a new level.

  8. Now I lay me down to sleep.
    I pray the Old Ones my soul to keep.
    If I should die before I wake,
    I pray Chthullu my soul to take.

    peace,strength and rest all…

  9. This has got to be some of the laziest sleight of hand I’ve seen. You only have to barely pay attention to Teller’s right hand to see him load up every prop with bees.

    It is magical that they were able to get me to watch all three minutes of that though. :0

  10. They’re about comedy and entertainment, not super-magic special effects. Heck, they used to have a show that gave you plausible (but usually wrong) explanations for how they did the tricks.

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