Area 51 "mission" excuse

Antonio Patrinostro, 43, was arrested last week north of San Francisco after ramming three cars and causing minor injuries. Apparently, he told police that he was on a mission for Area 51. He's facing three years in prison if convicted of felony drug and traffic charges. From the Marin Independent Journal:
Patrinostro "told the officer that the vehicle could fly if he went fast enough, and basically just started bouncing off of cars," (California Highway Patrol officer Mary) Ziegenbein said.

"He was under the influence of cocaine, Valium and marijuana and stated that it was a top secret experiment with his doctor for Area 51 and the government," she added. "He also stated that he was working for a cure for AIDS by taking the drugs."


  1. oldest excuse in the book…am i right?! if i had a dime for every time i get the “hey, let me holla at you for a second…i’m on a mission for Area 51 and need a few bucks to get my flying car off this highway…”


  2. Over a loud speaker:

    “Hello, everybody, uh, yeah, uh you are going to want to stay away from the brown X, that’s the brown X, thank you.”

  3. Well,the guy is right-My vehicle will also fly if driven fast enough,albeit only for a short time.
    Yeeee haaa.

  4. What a dumb ass… everybody knows if you get caught breaking the law you say, “It’s a matter of national security. I’m fighting terrorists.” And/or, “I do not recall.”

    “Area 51” is never going to work.

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