Controlling SecondLife with a 3D camera

Second Life investor Mitch Kapor has a new project in his lab: creating hands-free, 3D navigation for Second Life using a 3D camera that tracks your body geometry, allowing you to fly around in-world in much the same way you'd ride a Segway, by leaning back and forth. Link (Thanks, Mitch!)


  1. Good call, Percy!

    Though, I fear some folks haven’t gotten regular dreaming down yet, so we must give them time.

    When do they get tactile sensation as a feature in second life? Cause, then I’m all in!

  2. There aren’t enough hours in the day to think of having a “second life” online! It suggests that people are unhappy with the realities of their life and would rather escape to a fantasy than try to improve things. That is scary.

  3. You would need: A wind tunnel for parachutists, with walls made of flat panels, a camera, the computer and a flying squirrel suit.

    Sort of like run of river swimming pools.

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