Cupcake waltz

Matthew sez, "A while ago iIruined a batch of cupcakes by adding too much baking soda. Rather than throwing them out, I made them dance (a waltz to be specific). Over the course of a weekend, I made a stop motion film of the awful tasting baked goods moving across my table." Link (Thanks, Matthew!)


  1. oooh! OOOH! steampunk cupcakes!! bake some in gear molds and do an animation with them meshing and dancing in complex gear trains! Cotton candy whisps to animate steam puffs ooooh!

  2. That … makes me ridiculously happy, how joyful to imagine someone spending an entire weekend making his cupcakes dance simply because – well, they came out burnt, what else was he supposed do with them?

    What a fun mind =)

  3. matthew has a lot of patience. i only hope he turns his talents to 3D in future; i’d like to see what he can do.

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