Super Mario Bros theme performed by an RC car on a row of liquid-filled bottles

This clever lad has arrayed a long row of bottles partially filled with liquid so that they play the theme from Super Mario Bros. when they are tapped in order; then he affixed a tapper to a remote-control car and drove it down the row, making for an unforgettable musical experience! Link (Thanks, Kyle!)


  1. You know, I’ve been pretty wary of any form of “performance art” or “installation” or anything like that – not a priori, but just on the grounds that every exemplar I’ve yet seen has pretty much sucked dead whale turd. But this – this is pretty much the most beautiful thing I’ve seen since Miles Davis. It fills me with awe, wonder, nostalgia, sadness, and a great love for all humanity. Somebody give this dude a Macarthur Fellowship. Yay performance art! Big up, China! I’m behind you 200%, and if you come want to perform in my town, I will work hard to get you the art world reception you need.

  2. ahh..evocation… semi burring outside in sticky summer, the spawnlings rapt with Mario , dozing with a brace of ishigakidai grilling, in that delicious post-dive torpor…….

  3. There’s a performer who’s appeared on the Letterman show a couple of times who does pretty much the same thing, but with roller skates!

    He’s performed this stunt on 53rd St between Broadway and 8th, next to the Ed Sullivan Theatre. He sets up two long parallel rows of bottles and then skates down the middle, with wires or sticks (or something) attached to his skates playing the music, which I believe was some kind of classical warhorse along the lines of the William Tell Overture or a Sousa march.

    Obviously I don’t remember the details too clearly, but no doubt Google does.

  4. :) that was beautiful…(my)childhood distilled;NES by way of ice-cream-truck music.
    albeit without the slight creep factor of actual ice-cream-truck music.

  5. Michel Lauziere may be the originator, but I just feel for the RC car one more. Seeing the wobbly rollerblader in the middle makes it seem so clearly an effort – my main reaction is, “Wow, look at how *cool* this artist is. This must be so *hard*.” He’s so “*cool*.” But having the car in there just pushes it into mysterious, magical-sublime-happy-neuron land.

  6. He should do this on a circular track so the tune can play infinitely, just like in the videogame.

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