Gallery of "young me / now me" photos

Charliekkendo says: "You have to see some of these images. Users duplicate a picture of themselves from when they were younger - same pose, the current "me" by the child "me." The results are fascinating." Link


  1. I’m afraid all my pics would be NSFW, seeing as I was part of the Anti-pants Liberation Front as a child.

  2. The deadline to enter the competition the site is holding is the 20th April. I hope they continue to keep accepting submissions (for display, rather than entering comp) as this is totally cool!

    I wonder if I have any baby pics of me?

  3. Oh my goodness! A new zefrank project! <3 I feel bad for not knowing about this- i'm a sports racer from way back.

  4. Intriguing, but as a new parent, sort of depressing. I can’t fathom my adorable little baby growing up to be a big bad adult.

  5. I have to say, people are much better looking when they are little!

    That includes ME! I was a handsome little kid. Now, not so much.


    That is great, though. I kept thinking of pictures I could use. There’s hundreds of them!

  6. I’m just imagining my daughter, 10-20 years from now, reproducing some of her most adorable photos. I can’t wait!

  7. This is actually pretty similar to a dance video piece done by artist Lauren Thompson.

    She took a video of her dancing at age 4, (to huey lewis I might add….)

    and redid the entire piece in front of an audience step by step…its actually quite amazing.

  8. There was an artist at RISD (Rhode Island School of Design) who did something similar but using some kind of photoshop tricks to put her adult self seamlessly into the same backgrounds as the childhood shots, with the poses and clothes also recreated very exactly…see her work here (some photos NSFW):

  9. It’s funny – I just processed a book today (I work for the Los Angeles Public Library) whose cover is this same type of before-and-after picture. Unfortunately, our website doesn’t have a scan of the cover yet, but you can check it out on

    Here’s a link:

    The book is titled “It’s only temporary: the good news and the bad news of being alive”. Still not checked out if you’re near the Central Library!

  10. I wonder what the overall effect would be if a significant number of people were to pose in a recreation of somebody else’s childhood photo. Would anybody notice? In other words, how much do we look like our childhood selves?

  11. So what animal is being held in the last photos on the left. Looks like a cross between a bobcat and a badger.

  12. I could recreate one of my childhood photos, but I’m afraid that a (now) photo of me lying naked on a swath of red crushed velvet would end up on Lurid Digs. Just FYI, the link is NSFW.

  13. Shatner, that was not! :(

    Antinous, you have no room to complain, you’ve been asking and asking for ages. Say thank you to the nice man.

  14. I’m not complaining about the leather-festooned, naked bears. It’s the ruffled curtains and plaid sofas that are obscene.

  15. Wow, this story links to such an awesome collection of then vs. now photos. I should dig up some of my little kid photos and recreate them!

  16. So what animal is being held in the last photos on the left.

    In the big picture on Flickr it looks like a lion cub. That kid obviously had a better childhood than me.

  17. It’s the ruffled curtains and plaid sofas that are obscene.

    True that, my friend. True that.

  18. What’s most disturbing to me is that, from the looks on some of their faces, they seem more excited about showing off their disastrous decor than their tumescent appendages. Note to self: don’t be afraid to use the crop tool.

  19. Reminds me of a gag in that show Arrested Development where someone started a business showing estimations of what your baby will look like as an adult. All the newborn babies were rendered as washed out dreary and miserable looking 60 year olds….

  20. The one of the dad holding the baby, and then the grown up baby now looking exactly like his dad holding the next generation – that’s awesome. So many good ones. Thanks for publishing my submission, Boing Boing!

  21. You mean Lindsey’s “Mommy What Will I Look Like?”? Brilliant. How I miss that show…

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